What Is The Point Of No Return In Marriage

What Is The Point Of No Return In Marriage

What Is The Point Of No Return In Marriage

When you hear the word marriage, you see lights, beautiful dresses, smiling faces, happiness, bliss and laughter everywhere. But what if that marriage turns into a disaster for both or just one and the marriage reaches a point of no return leading to seeing a divorce attorney for divorce.

What Exactly Is The Point Of No Return?

In simple words, a point of no return means never coming back or never looking back. Which means you have had enough of everything and certainly nothing can change your mind back now or bring your mind back into a past state or previous state.

In the case of marriage, the point of no return means divorce. It means that both of you or just one of you has tried enough or given a lot to make the marriage work and in return have faced a lot of backlash and even torture but still waited and waited for your marriage to become like it was in the initial days but to no use. If you are still waiting for your marriage to turn around or some miracle, then stop, look at yourself, shake yourself and come out of that box of illusion that you are holding because nothing you do can make it work and your marriage has actually reached the point of no return. You should be planning for divorce.

Factors Contributing To The Point Of No Return

Infidelity Or An Affair

The biggest factor contributing to broken marriages and divorces. When once your trust is broken it surely cannot be mended. Obviously you cannot share your spouse and the one you love with all your heart is involved in an affair with someone else cannot be tolerated at all. This is not an acceptable part of a marriage.

No matter how hard you try you cannot get the trust back again. Even if your spouse pleads forgiveness and promises that he or she will never repeat. If you cannot communicate with your spouse at all after the affair episode or just are not able to cooperate with them even if you try then you should give in and leave.

Abusive Marriage

Physical abuse is a dangerous trait in any marriage. If you are facing severe physical abuse from your partner with marks and bruises to prove and still you are living with that person praying that things will change then you are just living in an imaginary world.

An abusive person cannot and won’t change even if he has gone through abuse earlier in his life or he cannot control his emotions and hitting someone in the heat of the moment is no excuse. These kinds of people blame the victim that their behaviors caused the abuse. You should leave this marriage right away as this is the point of no return.

Abuse can also be mental when one person continuously blames the other for everything wrong in their marriage and their life and pester them for a more luxurious life and asks more than they can offer and mentally tortures even if the person is trying hard but cannot provide for the expensive luxuries. That person does not deserve you who just needs material stuff.


The problem of addiction will never end whether it is alcoholic addiction or drug addiction. No form of rehabilitation or help can cure this bad habit and it will only increase with time. No point in waiting for the miracle that the person will eventually leave the addiction for your sake.

You are your own person and you should not be in a marriage where you need to tolerate any form of abuse, insult or where your looks are not appreciated. If a person is trying to change you then do not change for the sake of your vows or for the society or for your dignity, you will never be happy. At one point you will be just trying to save your marriage and make it work but you would have lost your own identity and self-realization at one point. You will not be happy.

Marriage is about two people, they should work as a team with love and happiness and appreciate each other’s qualities and when only one is trying to make the marriage work while the other is complaining then this is the point of no return. For it, you need to choose the best divorce lawyer Fairfax VA for a quick divorce.

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