Important SOPs for wedding during Covid pandemic

Important SOPs for wedding during Covid pandemic

Important SOPs for wedding during Covid pandemic

While the number of cases of COVID-19 are reportedly decreasing, governments all over the world are still advising citizens to maintain social distancing. And this social distancing does not only apply to colleges and workplaces, but they also apply to weddings and parties. Even wedding party rentals companies are advising people to follow certain SOPs during their weddings/events.

Now you may think that it is not fun doing a wedding with SOPs, consider it as a need of the time. It is extremely important to contain the cases of COVID-90 to decrease its spread and to eventually wipe it out.

Hence, it is very important for us to do weddings with SOPs. But what type of SOPs can one follow during weddings?

COVD-19 wedding SOPs

If you are wondering about the same thing, this article will give you a new perspective to it. Indeed, we can devise many SOPs. But the ones that we have mentioned in this article are going to be practical for most people.

These include:

Invite a limited number of people

While it can be tempting to avoid a big bunch of people to your wedding, try to keep the list short. If you really want to organize a wedding party in the current circumstances, keep the list of guests short. After all, covid-19 is still out there!

Furthermore, if you know anybody who may have meet COVID-19 infected patients in the last 14 days, skip them out from the list.

No matter how close you are to them, in this time of need, it is a very important precaution that you must take.

Make masks mandatory

The next thing that you should do is, make all masks mandatory. You should not really allow anybody to enter without wearing a mask. This way, the spread of corona virus can be prevented.

Furthermore, also keep some spare masks at the entrance for people who may have forgotten to bring one along. Also, place sanitization areas and make it mandatory for everybody to sanitize their hands before entering in the wedding venue.

If you have a proper setup that requires a person to follow these rules, most people will comply with you. After all, American citizens do understand the extend of the corona disease.

Avoid gathering

Try to keep the seating apart and request people to not to gather around in any specific area. This can not only reduce the chances of an infection but can also make the environment cleaner and neater. So, make it one of your biggest priorities during the event.

Create zoom invites

There is a high likelihood that many people will not be able to attend your wedding ceremony. For these people, you can create a zoom invite for the ceremony so that they can witness it from the comfort of their home.

These might include people who are sick, infected, or just generally taking the precaution of not going to events or weddings for the time being. With the help of a skype or zoom meeting invite, they will also be able to witness your wedding live.


It is incredibly important for us all to take such responsibility. After all, the pandemic has really affected millions of people and it will continue to do so until we start taking SOPs seriously. So if it is not possible for you to extend the date of your wedding ceremony, just follow all the SOPs lifted above.

With that, you should also pass the same list of SOPs to the wedding tent rentals Northern VA company that you are hiring. Though, chances are that they will already have a similar list of SOPs too.

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