Should you get a hair transplant?

Should you get a hair transplant?

Should you get a hair transplant?

They say that there is no difference between herpes and a bad hair transplant. This is primarily because a bad hair transplant is going to stay with you throughout your life. So, are you planning to get hair transplantation? If yes, chances are that you may be confused about all the factors that you must consider before. Furthermore, you may not even be sure whether it is suitable for you or not.

If this sounds like you, do not worry because we got you covered in this article. By the end of this article, you will know exactly whether hair transplant is suitable for you or not.

Are you a suitable candidate to get a hair transplant?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. In fact, its answer will depend on a wide variety of factors. In this article, we list down all the things that you must consider before getting a hair transplant. These include the following:

Speed and severity of hair loss

It is also important for your hair to be examined for miniaturization. This way, doctor will be able to determine how fast your hair loss is going on. For instance, if there is a significant amount of thinning, a hair loss treatment may be recommended to you in the start. After the stabilization of your hair loss, the doctor will suggest you a hair transplant surgery.

However, mostly, doctors will not suggest people below the 2 point on the Norwood scale to undergo any sort of hair transplant surgery. This is because the hair loss probably has not stabilized by this point and will continue to happen even after the surgery. Hence, this will affect the final results of the surgery.

Your age

When is it too early to get a hair transplant? According to most doctors, 25 years of age is the median age for hair transplant. Most of the doctors will not perform a surgery on anybody who is younger than 25 for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is because hair loss in the younger men is of an aggressive nature. Hence, the results of the hair transplant are not bound to be great, unless the hair loss as stopped spreading.

Furthermore, if your hair line is not mature yet, then doctors will not advise a hair transplant. They will probably ask you to wait until your hairline gets a little bit more mature.


It is important to have very realistic expectations when it comes to hair transplants. In particular, you should not hope that you will get a full head of hair in a single transplant if you are above the Norwood 3 scale. In that case, you may need multiple rounds of surgeries before you get the desired results.

Though, a big number of men who are on the advanced end of balding will benefit a lot from having their hairlines rebuilt. For instance, take a look at Joe Bidden who has had multiple hair transplants over a period of time. Now, his hair look just natural.

Ending note

Now that you have read the article, you would know exactly whether a hair transplant surgery is for you or not. In case you have figured out that this surgery is for you, then you may go to a hair restoration clinic. However, if it turns out that you are not suitable for a hair transplant yet or not ready, then perhaps it is in your best interest to wait a little more. Perhaps, later on in the future, you can get surgery and regain the hairline that you once loved.

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