Why Uncontested Divorce Is The Best Decision For Both Of You

Why Uncontested Divorce Is The Best Decision For Both Of You

Why Uncontested Divorce Is The Best Decision For Both Of You

If marriage is not working out for any one partner or it is bringing more emotional turmoil and issues rather than happiness, it is best to end it in divorce. But the word divorce brings more emotional issues, financial strain, and trauma for the kids, confusions, fights and anger and the result is stress, anxiety and depressed kids. But you can turn your divorce into a peaceful one by parting through an uncontested divorce and consulting the best divorce lawyers.

The Difference Between a Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce

In simple words, a contested divorce is settled in court while an uncontested divorce is settled outside the court.

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, both the parties are totally in disagreement with each other, one of them will file a petition for a divorce and will take the case to the court, of which the notice will be sent to the opposite party.

Both parties will hire an attorney and wait for the hearing from the court. The divorce lawyers will put the case forward and only take side of their respective party which will cause many ugly and hidden truths to be exposed and more resentment. The judge will then decide who wins and who loses. The divorce will take place in around 8 to 12 months.

This is mostly done where there are huge financial assets to be divided, the custody of kids and spouse support throughout life. This will create a lot of depression and huge financial strain and is a stressful and time consuming way.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce on the other hand is a way to divorce without hassle and stress. It is when both the partners mutually agree and negotiate on all the issues even where the custody of kids is concerned and the division of all the financial property. They will need to discuss with a family attorney or a mediator who will not take sides but will guide them through paperwork and the process of a divorce. They will negotiate peacefully and fairly in all the issues.

Then they will need to submit the papers to the court and get divorced within 6 months. Divorce is not easy but it will help to part ways peacefully and also give a chance for a friendly future contact.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

  1. An uncontested divorce is an uncomplicated and quick process. The parties will not have to wait for months to get the divorce done but it can be as quick as around one month and maximum 6 months.
  2. It is a stress free way to get the divorce done. In a contested divorce both spouses will expose each other’s faults and truths and lead to further disputes, while in an uncontested divorce both the spouses will mutually resolve all the issues and matters privately and none of their matters are discussed in public. This also means that even in the future both the spouses can stay on friendly terms after the divorce.
  3. It is a cheaper way for a divorce. When you sign a petition for a divorce in court, a lot of financial strains are involved for both parties. Every little phone call, email, small issue and discussion is money for your divorce attorney. While an uncontested divorce is a hassle free and cheap way to get a divorce quickly, efficiently and peacefully.
  4. An uncontested divorce is much better for the relationship of both the parties after the divorce has taken place and it is also easy for the children. When the parents go through a divorce, the most emotional trauma and shock is faced by the children where their once happy family is now broken. Things could get really dirty in a contested divorce but in an uncontested one they are calmly parting ways which will make it easier for the children to recover from the shock and they are not forced to take sides. This will also make the children respectful towards both their parents.
  5. You have the decision making control and can negotiate with each other regarding assets and custody of kids while in a contested divorce, you will have to follow the orders of the family court. Uncontested divorce attorneys Fairfax VA always recommend this peaceful way to reduce the negative emotional impact of divorce on you and your kid(s).

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