How to manage your hip and back pain effectively?

How to manage your hip and back pain effectively?

How to manage your hip and back pain effectively?

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back? Well, know that you are not the only person who may be going through this. Sometimes, people tend to experience both a hip pain and lower back pain together. This is a condition that affects a big number of Americans, especially those who are always on the run. The prime cause of these conditions is a bad posture which affects the joints overtime. In case you feel like your symptoms are getting worse and are not manageable anymore, reach out to spine and back doctors right away and talk about your condition.

In case you are suffering from hip and back pain, your life may become quite difficult. Essentially, this will affect your mobility and action, making it very difficult for you to carry out everyday tasks in your life.

What are the possible causes of hip and back pain?

Are you suffering from hip and back pain? So, while you are waiting for an appointment with the doctor, chances are that you would want to find out what is causing your hip pain anyway. Without a doubt, you have ended up at the right place.

In this article, we put together a list of possible causes behind hip and back pain. These include the following:


Arthritis is a condition that affects both the hip bones and spine. In this condition, the joints in the body get inflamed. It is a very debilitating and painful condition that can affect people of all ages. However, older people especially those above their 50s are more likely to suffer from this condition.

Back pain

Back muscle pain is quite painful and can be a result of injury. This type of pain will usually go away on its own and your doctor may suggest you use some over the counter medicines to treat your symptoms. Such a back pain is usually not serious. However, it can be quite painful and affect your action/motions greatly.

Hip bursitis

This is a very common condition that occurs due to overuse of joints and old age. This condition occurs when there is an inflammation in the bursa. The bursa are sacs between the joints that are filled with fluid, responsible for smooth motion of joints. When these get inflamed, the joints rub against each-other resulting in inflammation and pain.


Osteoporosis is a condition that makes the bones brittle and weak due to a low density of mass. This results in the development of porous skeletal bones. Hence, this condition is usually present in people above the age of 60. In case there is a fracture in the hips or other parts of the body, the risk of suffering from this condition could be even higher. As a result of this, problems with movement and severe pain may develop. Such a condition can actually last a lifetime. Hence, it will require constant medical attention along with on-going treatment throughout life.

Pinched nerves

This is quite a common cause of a back pain. This is a medical term for a constricted neurological structure that is present in your hips. Though this can occur in any part of the body. Usually, by correcting the posture and some physiotherapy, this condition can get better on its own.


The above-mentioned causes are the most common ones that result in lower back pain and hip pain. So, in case you are suffering from such a pain, chances are that any of the above-mentioned conditions may be the cause. However, we suggest you to not to self-diagnose and visit a back pain specialist to diagnose your condition.

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