What is asthma?

What is asthma?

Are you asthmatic?

Asthma is an infection affecting the airways that transport air to and from the lungs. People who suffer from this chronic disorder has the inner walls of airways swollen and a continuous inflammation can be felt almost every time. This puffiness and inflammation makes the air passage routes (the trachea and bronchi’s) extremely subtle to annoyances and increases the susceptibility of the sufferer towards an allergic reply. As the irritation causes the airways to become thinner, less air can badge through them, mutually to and from the lungs. Symptoms of asthma due to this narrowing of airways include a wheezing sound or a hissing kind of vibration every time the sufferer breathes; there is always a feeling of tightness in chest, coughing and difficulty in breathing. Asthmatics generally experience these indicators most often during the nocturnal and the early morning times.Asthma is an inveterate infection. However, with decent asthma treatment and administration there is no reason why an individual with asthma cannot sentient a normal and active life.

What is an Asthma Episode?

An asthma episode, or in common terms an asthma attack, is when indications of asthma are worse than they usually are. The symptoms appear suddenly and can be slight, judicious or austere. What transpires during an asthma episode?

  • The muscles around airways stiffen up, and thus narrow the airway.
  • Fewer amount of air is able to flow from end to end of the airway.
  • Irritation in the airways upsurges, auxiliary narrowing the air route.
  • Large amount of mucus is produced in the air routes, resulting in difficulty in breathing.

These are some common symptoms of an asthma attack; however the attack may vary person to person.In some asthma occurrences, the airways are congested such that oxygen fails to reach the lungs. And as a consequence the oxygen is prevented from reaching various blood streams and reaching to different body parts for normal body functioning. This kind of Asthma attacks can be fatal for life; the sufferer may need immediate medical supervision by visiting an asthma clinic.

Asthma attacks can be slight, moderate, and serious or even very serious.an asthma attack allows enough oxygen to enter into the lungs, but at the same time it prohibits the produced carbon dioxide to move out from the lungs. Result accommodation of carbon dioxide in the lungs as well as its mixing with the blood. The mixing of carbon dioxide with hemoglobin present in blood result formation of carbon monoxide which is dangerous for human survival, its higher amount in body can lead to death.

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