Cool Eye Makeup Tips that every girl deserve to know!

Cool Eye Makeup Tips that every girl deserve to know!

Adorn your eyes with eye makeup!

Do you want to try celebrity like eye makeup or hair extensions? Do you have a fascination to click selfie which highlight your eyes? Or you want to learn cool eye makeup tips? Well, if Yes is the answer of any above question, then you have landed at an absolutely right place. Here we are going to discuss cool eye makeup tips which can adorn your eyes and enhance your entire beauty. With the help of right eye makeup you can make your look bigger, brighter, attractive and beautiful. Your eye makeup and eyelash extensions can become the focal point of your face and you can scintillate at any event by wearing right eye makeup.

Eye makeup tips and tricks:

Eye makeup can make your eyes look really very special. Most important aspects of eye makeup is kohl. Kohl will not only make your eyes look good, but also provide a base for entire eye makeup.  The trick is you can apply a thick layer of kohl to get an intense look in your eyes. This will consolidate your appearance.

Now, it is time for eyeliner. Eyeliner plays vital role in the crafting outline of your eye makeup. This product provides volume to your eye makeup. Your eyes will get framed structure after applying eyeliner. Eyeliner trick which is in vogue nowadays is cat style liner. In order to apply this liner, began with thin line and broaden at the corners. Many famous celebrities and pop stars are actively applying such eyeliner. One more trick they do is using liner also at the bottom part of the eye.  This trick will frame your eyes from both the side.

After that, you need to apply eyelash extensions. Natural eyelashes are good, but they will not provide desired look. Many kinds of eyelash extensions are available in the market; you can select one according to your choice and fashion. It is really very easy to fix eyelash extension on your eyes.  You can apply mascara on your eyelashes to provide the desired shape to your lashes. Mascara will also make your lashes look blacker.

Finish your look with eye shadow. You can match eye shadow color with your dress or use common colors like black, white, gray, brown etc. Nowadays, smoky look is in trend. You can apply gray-black eye shadow and become a dusky beauty.

Wear right eye makeup and your eyes will speak!

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