What to expect from keratin hair treatment?

What to expect from keratin hair treatment?

What to expect from keratin hair treatment?

Are you planning to go to a keratin treatment salon in order to get keratin treatment? Well, sometimes, Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment are used interchangeably. So, what is it? And is it even worth your time and money? In this article, we will put together everything that you must expect from keratin treatments.

Simply put, keratin treatment is a process that is carried out in a salon. This process can make the hair look extremely straight. Furthermore, it can last up ot 6 months if it is done right. But that is not all. Women also get keratin treatment to add some intense shine into their hair. This in turn, can also reduce the frizziness.

Well, the keratin process itself is quite simple. However, due to the nature of the keratin treatment, it can take several hours in a single sitting.

The keratin treatment process

The keratin treatment process starts off with the hair wash. After that, the stylist applies the treatment on wet hair and this then sits for 30 minutes. Then, the stylist uses a flat iron to lock the treatment in the hair. So, make sure that you are patient enough because a keratin treatment may take several hours.

Want to figure out the pros and cons of this treatment? Continue reading!

The pros of keratin treatment

Keratin is the protein that our body makes naturally. This means that our hair and nails are both keratin. The keratin treatment basically involves keratin that is taken out from the feathers, horns, and wool. Along with that, certain conditioners and shampoos also contain some amount of keratin. But the best benefit is received from treatments in the salon when they are done by professional hair stylists.

The following could be the pros of a keratin treatment:

Shiny hair

One notable trait of keratin is that it smoothens the existing hair cells. This means that you can manage your hair more easily and the fizziness will also reduce. As a result of this, your hair will end up with a very glossy and healthy look.

Furthermore, keratin treatments can also reduce the split end look. At the same time, the hair will be bonded back together.

Long lasting

The best part about keratin treatments is that these treatments are quite long lasting. For instance, one keratin treatment may last as long as 6 months or more. This of course, depends on the length of your hair. If you hair is already too long, then chances are that you can get away with 8 months.

But if your hair are short and growing at a rapid pace, then you may see the results vanishing away within 3 months.

The cons of keratin

Well just like everything else, keratin treatment may also have some cons. Want to know what these are?


Well, the biggest con of keratin treatments is that they expose a person to formaldehyde. This is a carcinogen. However, note that all treatments do not contain this component. Still a big number of treatments contain it and they will even try to hide this fact.


Lastly, keratin treatments are not cheap at all. In fact, these treatments can be quite expensive and sit anywhere between $300 and $800. Of course, cheaper options are also available in the market but they are not as effective and tend to dissipate rather quickly.

Hard to maintain

Maintenance with keratin treatments is the biggest concern of buyers. In the case of keratin treatments, the shampoo and type of water that you are using matters a lot. So, make sure that you are considering all this first.

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