Pamper your hair and let them speak about you

Pamper your hair and let them speak about you

Choose the right shampoo!

When we talk about beauty we talk about pretty eyes, healthy skin and beautiful hair. Hairs are the canvas which frames your face and personality. We give a lot of importance to our face, we take just the right amount of care and procedures to keep our face look healthy and glowing. We do apply different styles on our hair to look the best. Choose right colour, cut and length for our hair but generally neglect the health part. Shiny and healthy hair give you the confidence and add charm to your personality and taking care of your hair is not a rocket science. Follow these few simple steps on routine basis and see the change.

Every bottle of the shampoo in the store looks as tempting as it can be, but don’t get fooled by the looks. Read ingredients carefully avoid shampoos which contain more than two types of detergents like ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate as these chemicals can strip your hair. Try to search for a shampoo which is mild on your hair. You can go herbal while choosing one. Herbal shampoos contain plants’ nutrients and organic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

Love your ponytail? Don’t tie it too tight!

Tightly tying your hair put pressure to the roots and makes them weak. Experiment with the styles but try to avoid the pressure on same strands at every time, like one day make a high ponytail, the other day make it low and to the sides after that. It reduces hair fall problem.

Nurture your scalp with care

Nourishment of the scalp is necessary. Oiling and hair and scalp masks are the important things which, when used on a regular basis give optimum results. You can choose essential oils to massage your scalp as they provide proper nutrients which make the scalp healthy.

UV protection

Ultraviolet rays are as harmful to your hair as they are to your skin. These rays can make your hair dry, frizzy and lifeless. Try moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that protect against these ultraviolet rays along with an SPF-fortified hair spray. Keep them moisturized, conditioned and covered while going out.

Healthy diet

An overall healthy diet keeps your body, mind and soul healthy. Try to chuck out the junk from your food. Eat nutrient rich diet. Follow a proper sleeping routine. Exercise regularly and meditate. Keep yourself away from stress. Go for some hair spa in a good saloon. Pamper yourself and your hair regularly. See the magic and let the shine of your hair talk about you.

Go flaunt your perfect hair!

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