How to cut down a tree close to a house?

How to cut down a tree close to a house?

Cutting down a tree is a task that takes a lot of preparation, precision and patience and perseverance. Cutting a tree near a house is more of a task because there are a lot of things to be considered for it. The cutting of a tree can broadly be divided into 3 stages: Analyzing, Preparing and Cutting.

Analyzing Your Trees

It is important to first get a correct idea of the tree height and estimate how it will fall. ‘Ax handle trick’ is a good way to estimate its fall position. You should keep the ax handle at an arm’s length and move towards the tree till the axe top is parallel with tree top and the bottom. Your feet shall be at the approximate point where the tree top shall fall. Also the estimate about the branches and their weight should be made. The tree might have branches more on one side and so this shall encourage the fall on that side. Then the surrounding of the tree on all sides should be well checked. If the tree is surrounded heavily by all sides with buildings, then it is advisable to call a pro for the tree services. If no then probably you can manage it with some tips.

Preparing for Tree Trimming

It is better and easier to cut the tree on a sunny day especially when it is fall season when the leaves are missing. There are a few equipment to be kept while cutting tree. One of them is a Chain Saw with an encircling thumb which should be held during the cut. You should also gas up the saw in advance and have enough gas for the whole tree removal process. The tree should be cut at one go and should not be stopped mid-way.

Tree Cutting, Removal & Trimming

The key is in making an accurate notch to cut the tree properly. The notch should be 1/5th of the trunk’s diameter. To get it correct, the saw should be pointed towards the direction of fall. And the point should be marked with chalk before cutting. The height should be comfortable to you. The cut of felling the tree should match the notch. This will help the tree to fall in the desired direction. While cutting, you should make the top cut first and then bottom. The cuts should be generally from either the top or bottom in order to drop free the wedge. While making the cut, the back cut should be parallel with the summit of the notch. Once the tree starts leaning, pull the saw and walk aside to see it falling. Once you feel the tap, it means that the tree is beginning to fall. You should stand at a safe distance. There might be chances that the tree does not fall in the desired direction. You should have tree removal safety equipment with you to react immediately. Also, your tree trimming expert should be there with you to guide you accordingly.

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