Excel in Basketball with Better Defense!

Excel in Basketball with Better Defense!

Playing basketball defense is not a one man job. It’s the combined effort of the team which results in better defense which in turn yields success. It needs proper training, tactics and technique to be a good defense player. If you play good defense, you increase your chances to excel in your college basketball camp. So here are some points to help you out while playing defense part of the game.

Maintain your Balance

Maintaining the balance is of utmost priority because once you go off your feet the rival player can easily blow by you. Don’t go for fake shots as they can create imbalance, lunging for the ball can also make you slip easily. Distance between your feet should not be too much, try to stand in low position. Avoid bigger steps while sliding. In a college basketball team they always need players with good defense skills, so try to be best in it.

Position of your hand is very important

If the position of the ball is below the mid-section of your body then you should keep your hand above the ball. By doing this you can prevent the opposition player from making a shooting position.
If the offensive player has kept the ball in shooting position then position your hand on the ball so that you can stop him from shooting it.
But if the ball is kept above your head then flip it up by hitting it from under. Impress your college team coach by using this technique to avoid fouls.
Keep yourself at a proper distance

Maintaining the proper distance gives you appropriate space to move your hands and feet in order to get the ball. You should not stand so close that the player of another team who is with the ball can get passed by you easily. Also you should not stand so far that the ball can go out of your reach. Stay close enough to scare him so that he loses control to give the ball in your hands. Your every move should make him worry that you can steal the ball anytime you want.

Keep your head lower

Always keep your head lower than the head of the player standing in front of you while guarding the ball as it can bar his way out .If he tries to lower his head more in order to dribble out the ball stay lower than him so that you can stop him whenever you want. It gives you privilege to react more quickly than him. Always direct the path of the ball so that it becomes hard for the other guy to move freely.

By applying above mentioned tricks and tips you can show better in terms of defense and hence excel best in your summer basketball camp.

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