How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Straightening

How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Straightening

How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Straightening

When it comes to hair, hair serums are popular because they provide strength, shine, and an anti-frizz effect to the hair. They rejuvenate and nourish your hair and can serve many purposes according to your hair requirements and the end result. You can apply a hair serum if you don’t need a semi-permanent Brazilian keratin straightening.

What Is A Hair Serum?

A hair serum is a liquid-based treatment for your hair that gives your hair a coating or a protective layer. It usually has silicone which is responsible for the hair coating. Other than that, it is made up of many different ingredients and concentrations to address and cater to different hair issues and hair problems.

Each type of hair serum is responsible for a different hair issue, for instance, to control hair frizz, to define the curls, to straighten the hair, to add shine, to cure dry and damaged hair, and others.

Benefits Of A Hair Serum

There are uncountable benefits of hair serums, which you can only realize after you start using them.

Shine Booster

Using a hair serum is a great way to add that shine and luster to your hair. The silicone present in the serum helps to reflect light which gives off a shiny effect in your hair. The serum coating also seals the cuticles and smoothens them giving a glossy look.

Frizz Control

A hair serum tends to reduce frizz and flyaway hair. It is a mixture of silicon and other oils such as argan oil, biotin, hydrolyzed proteins, and keratins. This helps to smooth down your hair, coats the ends of the hair thereby controlling frizz and dryness. It gives weight to your hair through the coating and protecting the weakened ends.

Tangle-Free Hair

When your hair is smoothened and frizz-free, it is then detangled easily. Your hair gets soft and seek and all the tangles are gone. You can now easily brush and style your hair.

Provides Strength

The silicon coating along with the benefits of the oils protects your hair and makes them strong. The hair is strengthened from the inside and the bonds that make up the hair get stronger with usage and passage of time.

Controls And Reduces Dry And Damaged Hair

Your hair is exposed to constant stress and damage from external factors. These include:

  • The heat from styling products.
  • Environmental damage such as sun exposure, winds, dust, and pollution.
  • Overwashing and over brushing of the hair.
  • Chemical damage such as coloring, streaking, straightening, and perming.
  • The serum protects your hair from external damage and also repairs already damaged hair.
  • Smoothens and straightens hair
  • A hair serum gives hair a definition shine, reduces frizz and damage, gives a sleek and straight look, and smoothens down your hair.
Types Of Hair Serums
  • If you want a hair serum to define your curls then go for a lightweight serum with hydrating properties specifically for curls.
  • If you are into using heated tools then use one which has heat protectant properties.
  • If you have very frizzy hair with split ends then go for a sulfate-free hydrating and frizz control serum.
  • If you have overly processed and damaged hair then go for a serum targeting damaged hair and have to repair properties and keratin and marula oil.
  • If you want a straight and sleek look then use a serum that claims to straighten and smoother down your hair.
Using Hair Serum For Hair Straightening

A hair serum is not a magical thing that will instantly straighten your hair after application, but it is a whole process. You need to use a straightening shampoo with a straightening conditioner or protein mask to smoothe down your hair. Towel dry and take 2 to 3 drops on your palms and rub for 5 seconds to activate heat. Now start applying from the middle of your hair till the ends and then from scalp to the end. Take a wide-toothed comb and comb to spread the serum all over your hair. Brush and style.

If you want to use a hairdryer or straightener then use the straightening serum afterward you have done your styling to seal and polish your hair. But use a heat-protective serum before using heated tools.


Hair serums offer many benefits for your hair. Choose one that meets your needs and protects your hair from damage. Ask for recommendations from a Brazilian blowout salon Rockville or search on Google.



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