What haircut is best for my face shape

What haircut is best for my face shape

The perfect hairstyle for you!

Imagine getting a haircut in a upscale hair salon and realizing that it does not suit your face. Trends keep changing but it is not necessary that the style will suit every face shape. Long faces need shorter hair, wide faces need lengthy and angular-faced shape needs a softer finish. Read on to get inspired!


If you want short hair, go for spiky layers. This petite pixie style will downplay the roundness of your face. The cut also adds to your height, lengthens the face and highlights your eyes. Medium-length reaching till collarbone with wispy curls produces a slimming effect while long hair with layers touching the jawline can add more volume to your hair. Avoid fringes and too much hair coming onto the face. This style is best suited for those with straight and wavy hair.


A stronger jawline is the most distinctive feature of a square face, making the face look chiseled and angular. Lot of styles suit a square-faced, but keep the hair softer around the edges. Never opt for center parting or fringes. If you like medium-length, go for feather layers that can hide the strong chin. Go for side parting for an asymmetrical look.


If you want to keep the length of hair on top, do not keep the sides too short. Those who prefer longer hair can go for long side-sweep bangs, thus adding volume at the sides and creating a false impression of a full face.


A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead. Women can keep the length of the hair till the chin or a bit longer and the bangs covering the forehead. For men, the best way to balance a heart-shaped face is to grow a stubble. Ideal would be to go for a square haircut.


Cheekbones, narrow forehead and chins are the highlighting features of diamond-faced shape. All kinds of style works, but soft drapes of the hair and flowing lines are best in order to balance the angle of the face. Men can go for a bit long hair or opt for swept bang and layers on top to add volume.


People with oval-faced shapes are considered to be blessed ones. Long or short, all kind of hairstyle suits them and one has the liberty to experiment. Avoid full length bangs which make the face look rounder.

If you are not sure about your face shape and what style will suit you the best, ask an expert hair stylist as the right cut can highlight your features and make you look the best!

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