Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Fun Bar Mitzvah entertainment ideas! Lets start: Bar Mitzvah is the traditional Jewish coming of age ceremony that is celebrated when a boy turns 13 years old and a girl turns 12 years old. Traditionally, becoming Bar Mitzvah meant that you could participate in community prayers. Nowadays celebrations end with a party with friends and family members. To make your son and daughter feel like a star, you will need some great Bar Mitzvah ideas depending on your child’s interest.

SPORTS – Try a tournament style party in a park. Form teams and make them compete in soccer, volleyball, or basketball. You can rent out batting cages, air hockey table rental, or basketball hoops. Get a family member to dress up as a referee to judge the game. In terms of food, cake can be decorated with the theme which could be a football, basketball, sports cap, or a logo.  You can surround the cake with themed cupcakes.

ALL ABOUT ME – Many want to throw a party that reflect about themselves. For instance, if you like baseball, you can centre everything around a baseball bat. But you can try to be more creative. Say if you are into music, love Mathematics and like solving problems, then you can create a theme around murder mystery. If you are into martial arts, then you can go to a park for fun-filled games that can teach some team building too.

TROPICAL – This theme can be a lot of fun because it reminds everyone of vacation. From invitations to decor to food, you can transport your guests to an exotic location. You can have sand dollars on invitations, custom stamps. When guests arrive, serve tropical drinks and lei for them to wear. Keep a bucket of flip flops for those who love to dance. Go for a beautiful beach themed cake, table setting with a centerpiece, palm trees made of colorful balloons, message in a bottle escort cards, and some sea food like sushi, fish etc.

MOVIES – This theme keeps changing depending on new releases or oldies. Go for Snow White and the Huntsman where you can get apple, mirrors, and seven dwarfs for decoration. You can also go for Batman movie, The Avengers or Hunger Games based theme.

Many think that having a theme is not important, but selecting a theme will make planning easier for you. Try some of these bar mitzvah entertainment ideas and ensure a party that your child and guests will remember forever!

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