Common types of auto glass tinting

Common types of auto glass tinting

Common types of auto glass tinting

Auto glass tinting is a great way to give a very high-end appeal to your cars. However, the needs of car window tinting vary from place to place. So, what is allowed in your state may not be allowed in other state. In this regard, it is extremely important for you to view the laws in your state before choosing a glass tinting. Technically speaking, all types of window tints should be good enough to provide protection against the sun. Now, there are a big number of windows tints out there.

So, it is important to know about all of these types so that when you go out there, you can make an informed decision for yourself. On the basic level, you can find a few of these tints in the market.

Major types of car window tints

In this article, we list down the most common types of window tints that you are likely to find at every dealer that you go to. These include:

Dyed tints

In case you have a small budget, then dyed window tints are the perfect option for you. These window tints are quite affordable. They use layers of dyes in order to block out the sunlight. The dye is made to absorb the solar heat, so that the radiation cannot enter your vehicle. However, dyed window tints are likely to start fading away over a period of time. Furthermore, they are not likely to fully block out the UV radiation that is coming from the sun.

In order to get more functionality, you may want to choose another window tint.

Metalized window tints

These type of window tints are very similar to dyed films. Window tints help out by filtering heat and by reflecting it all away. Furthermore, these films also use a number of tine particles made of metal that block the sunlight. These particles tend to be invisible otherwise and are often embedded inside the film.

Furthermore, metalized window tints are also shatter proof. This means that they will not shatter as easily. Furthermore, metalized window tints can be recognized by their distinct shine. Literally no other window tint will have the shine that metalized window tints have. Furthermore, they are also perfect at reducing glare, block great heat, and block out UV radiation efficiently.

Hybrid tints

Hybrid tints include the qualities of both dyed tints and metallic tints. Hence, they are referred to as hybrid. These tints combine the positive results of these two types of tints while diminishing their negative aspects. As a result of this, neither are they too dark and nor are they like mirrors. They reduce a decent percentage of UV rays and heat.

Carbon tints

In comparison to other window tints, carbon window tints tend to provide the highest amount of tint films. It gives off a matte-finish, which makes it the most attractive type. Furthermore, the carbon content in these tints can reduce the heat inside the interior by at least 40% or more. As a result of this, the interiors in the vehicle stay very cool.

Ending note

Now that you know about the various different types of window tints for cars, you should be able to make an informed decision. Just make sure the car window tinting shop Springfield that you choose, is professional and reliable. Since window tints are a huge investment for many people, you need the best service possible. Otherwise, badly installed window tints can be recognized from far enough and they ruin the entire look of your car. So, a bad tint job would be the last thing that you want!

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