Hair Transplant Surgery and The Options Available for You

Hair Transplant Surgery and The Options Available for You

Hair Transplant Surgery and The Options Available for You

One way that surgeons will redistribute the existing hair to the balding areas is through the use of one of the hair transplant procedures called flapping, which involves moving a scalp area to another directly. It’ll take some sessions to achieve hair growth on the balding areas. The very first session would make the flap. The second session is relocation of the flap to the balding areas. How huge the flap made will depend on the needs or goals of the patients.

All you need to know about hair transplant

A few years ago, surgeons improved flap techniques to cover more of the crown, provide better natural hairline, and better frontal coverage. The great thing about this procedure is the fact that you will not need to wait just to see the results. Although the results are instant, procedures carry lots of potential risks.


It is a hair transplant surgery that involves getting rid of the thin strips from the donor area rather than big hair sections. The results are more natural without big scars being left. The two micrograft surgeries you must know are FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. In the natural state, hair is basically composed of hair grouping of follicular units that have between 1-4 hairs close together. FUT is a technique that involves hair transplanting naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs renowned as follicular units from donor sites to recipient sites.

Scalp Reduction

Before you undergo either of the hair restoration methods, you must talk things over with your surgeon. Such things you must discuss with the surgeons are the size of grafts used and graft’s distribution. There are also surgeons out there that would transplant small grafts only and some would use small grafts fro covering up the bigger grafts during the process.

This hair transplant surgery involves getting rid of the bald spot areas as well as lifting scalp off the head and pulling the scalp together from the sides, making your hair meet on the middle. There are instances that it’d take five or more sessions to eliminate all bald area and minimize the scar’s appearance. Several people who undergo this type of surgery will require another procedure done to hide scars and make the crown appear normal. You may also expect to fork out thousands of dollars for the procedure, which can be done in thirty minutes. Scalp reduction is once a famous cosmetic surgery procedure, yet frequently avoided because of the complications that arise.


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