4 Unusual Countertop Material And Design Ideas

4 Unusual Countertop Material And Design Ideas

4 Unusual Countertop Material And Design Ideas

Are you tired of your overall kitchen look and granite countertop, wanting spice things up in the kitchen? Well, like most homeowners, we expect that one might need a new upgrade once every few years.

Well, this read is centered around people who are looking for creative and innovative ideas to renovate the kitchen counters. If you’re someone who is tired of looking through those  boring mainstream kitchen catalogues and those same old designs featuring marble and granite stones, we have new out of the box countertop materials and design ideas that will definitely spark some creativity and zest in your boring living space. Keep reading to find out more:

Not Your Typical Marble Countertops

Well, you might come after me for selecting marble as the first point in this read, but hear me out. There is a lot to marble than just the conventional patterning and veining designs. Lots of home designers today are raving about other less known marble designs such as the striped black and white marble slabs. It goes excellent with wooden cabinets and compliments rustic cabin houses if that’s you’re liking. If you’re one of those people who like to go bold with the counters, we recommend looking into a lovely green, blue, pink hue marble pattern with backsplash mosaic patterns and white cabinets, all set together with a lively dark green centerpiece. Magnificent! To say the least.

Granite With A Touch Of Innovation

Who said granite has to look boring and plain in its appearance just like the catalogues make it so? If you’re someone who likes to experiment with different colors and patterns of the exquisite stone, owing to the durability and resilience of the rock, we highly recommend trying out the palomino variety. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of colors and newer patterns that will take your breath away.

Did anyone say blue granite? Yes please! Although quite rare and expensive, the pursuit will pay off in the longer run. A bluer hue in the precious stone adds a touch of coolness to the space, and it’s excellent if you already have darker shades installed that complement the blue granite.


One look at onyx countertops and you might just sweep off your feet. Onyx has quickly emerged as the number one material that interior designers love to play. Onyx is a wonderful modest stone that looks good, even on its own with no other help from other elements. It is a versatile material that can be molded in your choice of design and play. Owing to its rich brown hues and unusual patterning, it’s one of the most sought out material for most creative home makers. Try backlighting a thinner sheet of onyx counters, or simply add it on its own, whether it’s a rustic layout or stainless steel modern kitchen, onyx compliments both layouts well.

Colored Glass Countertops

Colored glass countertops may sound pretty basic, but owing to their simplicity, you can certainly play with it to your liking. Colorful doodles of color in a background of resins and glass make it an excellent choice for adding color to a neutral kitchen. You can also go for the crushed glass recyclable variety, which is equally eye catching and good for the environment as well.

Quartz And Quartzite

After talking about unusual countertops, let’s take a look at the most popular engineered stone countertop choices.

Quartz countertop is a practical yet luxurious choice of most homeowners who are looking to furnish their countertops. Although quite similar to marble and its sister stones, the marblesque features and bright colors are what you should be looking out for, for that unique and fresh appeal. An amethyst hue is a very rare occurrence in this naturally sought stone, so if you’re able to get your hands on one, we recommend incorporating it into your home for added warmth.

Quartzite is yet another fascinating natural stone that is formed by sandstone by applying immense pressure and heat. The results are enviable, as quartzite although simpler if pure, with additive minerals, it hosts a variety of exquisite patterns and colors that can truly make your kitchen stand out. A regular session of sealing and pads are vital to protect it from scorching, but it’s pretty resilient to scratching.

Here you go folks! A list of materials to work around for your next unusual kitchen countertop project. Talk with a granite contractor Rockville to get a unique countertop for your kitchen.

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