What To Know About Gray Divorce

What To Know About Gray Divorce

What To Know About Gray Divorce

Deciding when to get a divorce has no set time. Some people do it early on in the marriage and some people go through a divorce after years of marriage and have to team up with family lawyers to deal with possible court hearings. Here’s everything you need to know about gray divorce.

Gray Divorce

A gray divorce is a divorce between two people who are aged 50 years or above. A lot of the time, people going through gray divorces are happily married in the beginning, but as time goes on and the marriage lengthens, the couple just don’t see themselves going on together anymore, although they have been together for a long time.

Their divorce will be classified as a gray divorce. These couples tend to stay together and take so long to divorce, mainly because of children and they try to “make it work” for the kids and not to affect their lives, putting divorce on the back burner. This is why they usually opt for divorce after the children are out of the picture.

Things That Trigger Gray Divorce

Here are some of the main reasons why people tend to divorce late:

Start Of An Addiction

Couples who have been married for a long time will usually opt for divorce when one of the partners crosses a line or doesn’t have any respect for the boundaries of the other partner. The main conflict of people going through gray divorces is starting an addiction. This can be drug addiction, substance abuse, or any other thing.

Sometimes, people can also become addicted to medication and this really affects their personal lives and marital relationship as well. This is why divorce is sometimes the only option left to save themselves.

Mid-Life Crisis

A lot of the time, people have a sudden epiphany about their lives and how they could be different. Marriage might have been the “be all, end all” at the beginning for them, but after a certain shift in perspective, it can really change their outlook on marriage and they might feel as though they are being held down by marriage and vows. And this is why one partner or the other can rebel and that can lead to ruined relationships and ultimately, divorce.

No Children To Hold You Back

This is also known as Empty Nest Syndrome. This basically implies that when your kids grow up and they leave their nest (house) there are only the parents left and there might not be a lot to do for the two of you.

This may lead to the couple having a hard time settling into a life without any kids or entertainment, so it can cause a lot of bickering and back-and-forth fights between older couples. In case of escalating these fights, it can lead to the marriage breaking apart.

Financial Constraints

Sometimes, money can be a huge issue which can lead to year-long marriages breaking apart. When people grow old, they retire, they don’t have enough savings or their needs can’t be met with their existing finances, they have blown away the money on things like children’s education and more.

There are so many reasons why older couples can have financial restraints and this can lead to the couple divorcing. Since they are old now and are unable to work a full-time job or they have some sort of illness which might prevent them from working, this is why they can’t make ends meet and the marriage doesn’t work out.


This is more common in high-profile divorce cases, but it can happen generally as well. Sometimes, the couple just doesn’t feel the spark anymore and this may cause them to find happiness in other, even younger people.

Affairs can start and this can lead to a lot of marital damage and the only way out of this painful situation is through a divorce. People can’t seem to bear the fact that their partner can cheat on them with other people.


There you have it! By statistics, it has been found that gray divorces are more likely to happen than normal couples divorcing early on in their marriage. If you’re having or going through gray divorce, hire top divorce lawyers Fairfax VA to make the process smoother.

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