How to prevent knee pain as you grow older?

How to prevent knee pain as you grow older?

How to prevent knee pain as you grow older?

Knee pain is one of the most common pain related problems among people. This includes people of all ages, from kids and teenagers to older generations. There are many causes of knee pain. One of them is inflammation that is more commonly found. Inflammation can occur due to muscle weakness, lifting heavy objects, bad flexibility etc. A knee injury doctor may be able to figure out if your pain is caused by inflammation or not.

Other reasons of knee pain include torn cartilage or any such injury. Knee pain due to inflammation can be cured with medication and therapy. However other reasons may require a deeper examination and sometimes surgery. Knee pain can be prevented easily by taking a few precautionary measures.

Tips to prevent knee pain

These measures or steps will ensure that you do not have to suffer from unnecessary knee pain. The following points will help you understand how to prevent knee pain.

Exercise daily

We have been hearing since our childhood that everyone should make exercise a part of their daily routine. However, most people do not follow it. Exercising daily can help you prevent knee pain. Building muscles and staying active helps prevent knee pain as well as other body pains. Not only does it help reduce pain, but it also increases your stamina for pain tolerance. This includes arthritis pain and other structural problems.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that you are avoiding exercises that put too much stress on your knees. Best exercises to prevent knee pain is swimming, non impact aerobic exercises etc. Stretching helps reduce knee pain too. It makes your body more flexible, hence, less prone to developing joint pain. Some sit ups or leg lifts will do the job for you. But there are many more stretching exercises out there that you can do to reduce knee pain.

Lose weight

A lot of people who suffer from joint pains such as knee pain is due to their weight. If you are overweight, your body will transmit that weight onto your joints, especially the knees. This makes you suffer from knee pain. By losing weight, you lessen the impact of weight on your joints therefore reducing knee pain.

However, this is only if you are overweight. You do not have to lose any weight if you are not overweight as the impact on your joints will already be less. You can lose weight through a proper diet, daily exercise, and weight loss programs. Some light stretching will help you make your body flexible enough. This will not only help you to do your exercise properly but will also help reduce knee pain. You can start with light jogging and then move up to other exercises. This will also build your stamina and help prevent any structural problems.

Stand straight

Body posture not only induces back pain but also causes knee pain. When you are slouching, it puts more strain on your knees causing them to hurt. Standing straight relieves the knee joints of any excessive strain. The more you are slouching, the worse will the knee pain be as the knees will be strained more. There are many exercises that help fix the posture and ultimately help reduce knee pain. These exercises include Pilates, planks etc. If you do them daily with some light stretching, you will notice a great change in both your posture and knee pain after a while.


Knee pain often comes as a result of our carelessness towards our body. Bad posture and zero exercise are often the main causes of knee pain. With proper care and attention, knee pain can be treated permanently by a knee doctor McLean. However, this requires commitment and dedication from your side too.

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