Pros And Cons Of CBD Oil

Pros And Cons Of CBD Oil

Pros And Cons Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been a recent discovery in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. It has been rumored that CBD possesses the treatment for various ailments. However, a lot of research is required to say anything for sure. CBD oil has some amazing benefits as well as side effects, which need to be addressed. Here is everything you should know about the ups and downs of CBD.

It Can Lose Its Effect During Digestion

When you take CBD in the form of capsules or infused drinks, the problem which occurs is that half of the already minute quantity of CBD is wasted during digestive metabolism. Whenever you take a medication orally, it needs to go through the digestive system first, in order to be fully effective.

CBD can lose half or more of its effects during digestion and in the end, only a small amount of CBD makes it to the bloodstream.

CBD Oil Acts Faster

The most effective form of CBD is the oil, which comes in a vile, equipped with a dropper. It consists of a base oil, also known as a carrier oil, and CBD is mixed with it. It doesn’t get wasted during digestion and it actually reaches the bloodstream faster and gets to work.

Oils don’t need to be metabolized as much as medication or capsules in the stomach and this is what keeps the CBD effective until it reaches the bloodstream and gets dissolved in it. So, if you’re looking for a fast and effective form of CBD, then oils are the way to go.

It Can Cause Diarrhea

Some people might have a sensitive stomach and they might experience diarrhea after consuming CBD on a regular basis. This can be a problem, because diarrhea, in the long run, can cause extreme dehydration, if you don’t replenish the liquid lost from your body quickly. If this issue occurs continuously after taking CBD, then it’s best to stop consuming it for a while and consult with your doctor.

It Can Lead To Nausea

This is mostly the case with edibles and oils, which are taken orally. Some people might experience gagging or a sudden dislike for the taste of CBD. It does taste a bit earthy and herby, and a lot of people don’t like the taste of it at all, to the point where gagging and feeling nauseous is ultimately inevitable.

Vapes Are Not Good For The Lungs

CBD is also available in the form of vapes and electronic smoking devices. These are great ways to get your CBD kick, but vaping is generally bad for your lungs. The main culprit is the smoke that the vape produces and this can be extremely injurious to your health. It also produces secondhand smoke, which isn’t good for people around you.

Vaping on a regular basis can lead to respiratory issues, like coughing fits, wheezing, and weak and damaged lungs. It’s alright to use a CBD vape sparingly, but it’s not going to be good for your health, in the long run.

CBD Relaxes Tense Muscles

CBD is a natural muscle relaxant. It is known to alleviate the tension in your muscles and tendons and it de-stresses the entire body. CBD oils and creams are great for people who suffer from arthritis and bone disorders and want something natural and holistic to alleviate the excruciating pain they’re feeling.

It stimulates the part of your brain which feels pain and prevents the nerve endings from reaching the brain, to register the pain. So, the next time you’re feeling like your body is super tense, then try to massage your muscles with CBD oil or cream. You will feel better in no time.

CBD Gummies Have A Lot Of Sugar

CBD also comes in the form of gummy candies, which are extremely pleasant to eat and a lot of people prefer this form over the other oral forms. But the main problem with CBD gummy candies is that they are highly unregulated.

They usually only contain a lot of sugar and gelatin and the amount of CBD is pretty sparse too. What’s the point of consuming a form of CBD, in which the sugar-to-CBD ratio is insanely high? It won’t have any actual effect on the body, and you’ll be consuming way more sugar than you need to.

If you want to consume CBD gummies, only choose the best CBD gummies and try other methods of taking CBD oil if you have diabetes.

It Can Calm Down The Nerves

CBD targets the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and it also increases the production of serotonin, a hormone which makes you feel relaxed and at ease and keeps the anxious thoughts at bay.

CBD is a great substance that can be taken to tackle the effects of depression and anxiety. You can take it on its own or you can also take it with your regular antidepressants, but it’s better to consult with your doctor first, just to make sure that the antidepressants don’t react violently or adversely with the CBD.

Creams Have Little To No Effect

CBD creams are great and all, but they are the least effective form of CBD, from the lot. CBD creams are mainly prescribed to patients with joint pains and arthritis, but the CBD present in these topical creams barely penetrate the skin and there will be no CBD in your bloodstream, which is where it usually works its magic.

You might feel temporary relief by applying the cream and that’s due to the menthol present in the cream, but other than that, creams are considered to be least effective, when it comes to CBD and the symptoms it can deal with.

Can’t Consume CBD During Pregnancy

CBD is not safe for women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. If you take CBD during these phases, the effects will likely show on your child. It can also lead to mood swings during pregnancy, feeling down and unmotivated and it can also lead to developmental issues in the child at birth.

The FDA advises pregnant women to keep themselves away from CBD until they’re done with breastfeeding, otherwise, it can lead to serious issues in the mother as well as the child. It is also not recommended to give CBD to very young children.

CBD Doesn’t Intoxicate You

Probably the best thing about CBD is that it doesn’t get you high or feel intoxicating when you consume it. CBD is derived and extracted from the hemp plant, which is a cannabis sativa plant and it is in the most natural form.

The difference between CBD and marijuana is that CBD doesn’t contain a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while marijuana contains a huge amount of it. THC is the main source of intoxication and it also leads to brain fog. This is also the reason why CBD is legally used in a lot of countries.


There you have it! No doubt, CBD is a wonderful substance and while it can have positive effects on the human body and can alleviate symptoms of different disorders like anxiety, depression, and more, there are still a handful of cons that come with CBD too, which are good to know. Consult your doctor before ordering anything from a CBD store.

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