How Can I Make My Water Soft Naturally

How Can I Make My Water Soft Naturally

How Can I Make My Water Soft Naturally

Hard water can be a very common problem for a lot of people. You will need to soften this hard water and here’s how you can do it at home, without any fancy kits or water softener system.

Boil The Water

Boiling water has been found to be very effective in removing impurities and hardness from impure water. All you need is a big container of water, which you can use to boil the water in. You will need to boil the water until it reaches a gentle rolling boil. Let it boil for about 5 to 7 minutes until you see steam coming out of the water. This will help to get rid of impurities and hard chemicals from the water.

This might lead to a scale forming on the jug or container you are boiling the water in, but it’s nothing a little scrubber can’t clean. This scale is basically the impurities and hardness of the water.

Shower Filters Work

If there is hard water coming in your taps and shower too, then you can use an ion shower filter or a simple shower filter. An ion shower filter has a small filter attached to the bottom of the showerhead and it helps to get rid of the substances which harden the water and exchange the hard chemical ions with soft water chemical ions.

This process is very quick and you will get soft water as soon as you open the shower for a bath. A simple shower filter will get rid of any suspended impurities like dirt and sizeable particles in the water

Simple Ion Exchanger

If you want, you can use an ion exchanger for your water. This is a great solution for people who have hard water coming from all faucets and taps all over the house. An ion exchanger uses a simple instrument that will pump hard water into the assembly and the ions will do their work to get rid of hard chemical ions and the result will be soft water coming out from the outlet of the ion exchanger unit.

Use Baking Soda

Hard water can alter the taste of food too when you cook it. For this, you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in the food which has hard water. This will immediately soften the food. Sometimes, hard water can make the food rubbery and hard, so baking soda is great to soften the food and maintain its pH level of the food. It is not a water softener, but it does help when you are cooking.

Use Sodium Carbonate

If you are iffy about doing a load of laundry with hard water, then try using some washing soda or sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate has carbonate ions that react with calcium and magnesium ions of the hard water, leading to the production of scale and softening of the hard water.

It also helps to remove the dirt and grime from your clothes and it also leaves your washing machine quite clean. Although it is a great hack, consistent use of washing soda in the machine can clog the pipes so make sure you are doing something about it.

Peat Moss

If you want a more natural solution for your water to be purified and softened, then you get some peat moss and dump it in your water. It can be dumped in small tanks, pools, and even your small aquariums. Peat moss, over time, produces humic acid, which is a natural water softener. Also, it produces a lot of agents which can turn the water a slightly yellowish-brown color, but it also purifies the water very easily.

It does take some time and you need to put the peat moss in the water for a couple of days until the softening process starts naturally. You can replace the used peat moss with a new batch as it starts to decrease in quantity.


There you have it! These home remedies are great for softening hard water. They work flawlessly and you don’t even need special machines or equipment to get soft water. If you want a long-term solution, consider water softener installation Erie in your home or office.

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