What should parents talk before sending their teenagers to the prom?

What should parents talk before sending their teenagers to the prom?

What should parents talk before sending their teenagers to the prom?

Attending a high school prom party planning is the most exciting phase in every teenager’s life. Well, parents need to have ample conversations in advance with the teen about prom night. Here are few conversations every parent should have:

Prom planning

  • Fixing a budget – Talk about the shopping budget as it will help address any high expectations that your teen has in mind. Even if you can afford a big budget, it is best to fix the budget to avoid conflicts later on. Work with your teenager in planning a prom budget and this way you can teach your child about how to make a budget plan.
  • Clearing out your expectations – Ask your child about her/ his expectations from a prom night. Establish the rules as early as possible. Make clear about the curfew time and consider the prom activities that are and not allowed. Establish the rules about driving or riding and other expectations that you have about your teen doing at that evening.
  • Discuss peer pressure – The hype revolving around prom can make some teens go over the top. For some, it may be all about partying and for others it could be an excuse to drink and take drugs. Some can also experience the pressure of indulging in sexual activities. Even if you have discussed peer pressure before, it is best to discuss before the prom night. Help your child think of strategies to not to succumb to peer pressure and prepare about potential issues.
  • Come up with a safety plan – It is best to discuss a safe plan to deal with the problems that could arise at the prom night. Consider how the child should react to a particular situation. For instance, what your child should do if he/ she comes across their classmates under the influence? Come with some strategies to deal with the situation. Ask your teen to call you for a ride back home, irrespective of the situation.
  • Discuss dating etiquette – Talk about etiquette tips that could come handy for your teen during the prom night. If your child is going to pick his date, tell him that he should be respectful, meet the date’s family members and also tell him how he should treat his partner throughout the evening. If your child does not have a dating experience, the prom night planning can make him/ her anxious. Give confidence to your teen to have a good time and click some photographs to remember the night.

Every parent should have these conversations before sending their teenagers to the prom night.

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