What Are The Types Of Tents To Rent

What Are The Types Of Tents To Rent

What Are The Types Of Tents To Rent

Whether it is a party, wedding, or any other event- you will need services of tent rentals or party tent rentals to protect the guests with tents all around the location. Problem comes when people can’t figure out what kind of tents they really need. There are different types of tents that you can get on rent for your needs. We have created this post to provide detailed guidance on different types of tents, their uses and how you can choose one for yourself. We hope this guide will help the readers.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Tents?

Before you decide to choose a certain type of tent for your needs, event or wedding, you should consider the following things:

  1. Where will you be using this tent? Backyard, local park or some other public place?
  2. How many guests are invited and what is the expected number of the participants?
  3. Do you need sidewalls?
  4. What the floor will be covered with? Will you need covers for that or grass will be enough?
  5. How much time and people you have to set up and break down the tents?

Types of Party Tents

Let’s go through some types of tents for you to understand and decide better.

  1. Canopy Tents
  2. Marquee Tents
  3. Sailcloth Tents
  4. Clear Tents
  5. Clear Span Tents
  6. Teepee Tents
  7. Circus Tents
  8. Pole Tents

This kind of tents are in use everywhere but they are different than may tents available. All sides are covered with the shades and covers. This kind of tent is useful when you want to provide a comfortable, protective and worth enjoying environment to the guests. They are easy to set up and break down.

  1. Clear Span Tents

According to party tent rentals, these tents are usually used for bigger parties and events. They can also be used for smaller ones. They don’t have a pole in the center. They provide a huge open space for guests and participants. They also come with flooring in order to keep the theme regular and avoid different colors or tents.

  1. Pole Tents

This type of tent is commonly used for outdoor events or parties. They have poles that are fixed in the ground to hold the covers. Their size can be adjusted to you don’t have to worry about too big or too small tent. They are preferred in summer and warm weather conditions as all the four sides are open for air and can’t work in winter. This is the oldest type of tents that has been in use for years and continues to be used for events.

  1. Sailcloth Tents

These tents may not be available at all tent rental shops. Most of the tents are made of fabric but they are made from sailcloth. It’s light-friendly too as it allows a small percentage of light to pass through it. They are equally fit for day and night use. They come with pole tents and frame tents. However, the sailcloth is waterproof and protective in any type of weather.

  1. Clear Tents

Clear tents are really good for outdoor event and parties, say the party tent rental services. When you want to hold an event in the indoor and keep pesky creatures away, the clear tents will be perfect for such cases. They are also good for nigh times and most of the clear tents come with protective sidewalls.

  1. Teepee Tents

These tents can never be a good option for holding bigger events and parties as they require a lot of work and time to set up and break down. The natural teepee is created but for that you will need many extra poles. This leads to more cost and extra work. They are otherwise really good for small parties or few people to enjoy a gathering outdoor.

  1. Circus Tent

Circus tents are used for parties especially for kids, birthday events when you want to create a special environment.

Simply, they are pole tents with circus style red and yellow fabric. They are also customizable, come in different sizes and with sidewalls. They are only good when the purpose is entertainment and environment like a circus has.

  1. Marquee Tent

This is something like clear span tent and pole tent. They are even considered the offspring of these two. Many tent rentals NY have these. They have four poles but are smaller in size when compared to pole tents or clear span tents. They can accommodate a few people.

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