Why my Air Conditioner doesn’t make my home cool enough?

Why my Air Conditioner doesn’t make my home cool enough?

Why my Air Conditioner doesn’t make my home cool enough?

It requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep cooling devices in healthy working condition, otherwise they demand ac repair frequently. If it is scorching outside and your air conditioner isn’t making your home cool enough, then it could be because of the following reasons:

Air conditioner troubleshooting

Check the settings: The switch should be set to ‘cool’.

Check thermostat level: The thermostat helps to keep the room cool or hot. If the thermostat is set too high, lower the setting for cool air.

Circuit breaker: The outdoor unit of your AC will have a 220V circuit breaker or a pair of fuses. Ensure that this breaker is set to ‘on’ mode or remove the fuses and get it checked by your AC technician.

Blocked condenser: Ensure that the outside unit of the condenser is not blocked. The condenser is like a radiator which should be kept clean. A dirty condenser becomes less efficient and it will not make the room cool.

Clogged filters: A dirty filter will not allow air circulation, which can slow down the blower, thus causing it to break down permanently. Reduced airflow can freeze the evaporator coil.

Are the batteries working?: The digital thermostat is powered by batteries that last for a year. Go through the papers to find out when you last changed the batteries.

Is the compressor working?: The compressor compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator and condenser coils. Also, if the run capacitor burns the compressor motor, it will not keep the home cool.

Check the timing circuitry: The timing circuitry keeps the compressor from getting damaged due to frequent switching on and off. For instance, if you change the thermostat setting or turn a component on or off, the AC will not respond for 10 minutes.

Freezing of the evaporator coil: If the system is not cooling enough, there are chances that the evaporator coil could be frozen.

Leak in the ac ductwork: If the cooling appears to be minimal, there could be leaks in the ductwork that allow air conditioned air to escape. Older ducts or tightly constructed ones can result in a leakage.

Coolant leak: This chemical creates cold air in the AC. If there is not enough freon, the air conditioner will not make the room cool enough.

Check the blower switch: The furnace blower has a switch similar to the light switch on the refrigerator door. If the blower panel is not placed properly, the blower switch will not work.

If your air conditioner is not making your home cool enough, contact a professional ac technician to help diagnose the problem.

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