Indoors Allergy Triggers You Need to Avoid

Indoors Allergy Triggers You Need to Avoid

Indoors Allergy Triggers You Need to Avoid

Allergies are very common both for adult and children which usually caused by different allergy trigger. Visiting the best food allergy doctor is important. According to the medical science, avoiding allergy triggers is the best treatment to stay away from allergies. Here are some allergy triggers:

Allergy triggers:


  1. Dust mites: Dust mites are considered as a main cause for allergy. Even if the allergies are not present, dust mites will still create breathing problems or any other issues.
  2. Insect and pest droppings: This is a very unfortunate reality. The pests usually infiltrate the air ducts. During this time, it leaves behind the droppings. There are lots of individual who are highly allergic to such kinds of droppings.
  3. Animal hair and skin particles: These are as same as dust and dirt that can be easily swept up in to any air conditioning or air filter unit’s intake system. These types of allergens could be released back in to the atmosphere through these types of vent systems.
  4. Pollen: Pollens are working just like as animal hair, dust and dirt. If dust, dirt and moisture are built up, it will get stuck. Ultimately, this allergy trigger will be released back again through the duck system.
  5. Mold: Mold can create huge problem to the allergic people. If the moisture or water is allowed to settle into the air ducts, the mold and bacteria generally grows in to the place. If the air duct can be cleaned on regular basis, then development of moisture and mold can be lessened.

How to Avoid Allergy Triggers

  • If you want to avoid the allergy triggers which are generally found in house, you have to clean your house regularly. Mold, pollens and dust mites are very common allergens. Try to keep the temperature of the house between 68 and 72 degrees and keep the humidity below 50 percent in your home. Always ensure that your house is well ventilated. These all factors will prevent the growth of molds, pollens etc.
  • Soap and detergent is another main weapon in your battle against the allergens. Try to purchase such type of bedding which can be safely washed. Wash the bedding on at least 130 degrees temperature which can help you to kill dust mites.
  • Vacuuming is one of the essential tools to reduce the growth of the dust mites, particularly if you have a carpet in your house; you have to vacuum it properly. It is important to visit allergy and asthma clinic Chantilly.
  • Install a good HEPA filter which will help you to decrease pollen, mold and dust mite growth.
  • Try to keep your pets out of your baby’s room that will help you to prevent from the allergies, because sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose, swelling throat are extremely uncomforting situation for the babies.


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