Brazilian blowout treatment for fabulous hair

Brazilian blowout treatment for fabulous hair

Brazilian blowout treatment for fabulous hair

If you have lifeless and dry hair, Brazilian Blowout treatment is meant for you. This is an innovative hair smoothing technique which gives you manageable tresses in just 5 steps. It is the Keratin enriched process which can suitably make even the frizziest hair, manageable and smooth. Your hair will become radiant, shiny and bouncy just like that of a celebrity. Although it fails to make the hair ultra straight, it makes the hair soft and silky. But then, to get best results from the treatment, you will have to wait in the salon for one and a half hours for the treatment. Celebrities and normal folks are absolutely thrilled by the results of the hair treatment.

Improves the health of the hair

The blowout hair treatment can magnificently improve the health of the hair. By filling in damaged cuticles, it can straighten the hair with the keratin which simply moisturizes the dry hair. During the treatment process, botanical extracts are used to improve the hair. Whether you have straight, dry or brittle hair, the treatment is perfect. It may be used along with the hair straighteners and relaxers.

Brazilian blowout and Japanese straightening

When you compare the blowout treatment with that of Japanese straightening, the former is much safer as there is no use of chemical and formaldehyde. But then, you need to mention the word ‘blowout’ instead of straightening. If you have planned to get this hair treatment, it is now important to search only certified blowout stylist for the task.

Steps used in Brazilian blowout

If you visit the hair salon near you, the stylist will use the following steps to give the blowout treatment:

  • He/she will wash your hair with the shampoo which is clarifying
  • The stylist applies Keratin just like the hair color
  • Blows dry the hair
  • Flat iron the tresses to seal in the Keratin (the temperature used is 450 degrees Celsius)
  • Rinse the hair and blow dry once more.

How long it takes?

From the start till the end, the treatment will take around 90 minutes. It can cost you around $400 and the result will last for 12 weeks and even more. You need to follow each and every guideline prescribed by the stylist.

To restore the luster and shine to the tresses, you can undergo Brazilian Keratin treatment rockville. Since hairs are the most important physical element for women, it is very important to take utmost care of the tresses.

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