Important skills you need to know before going to college?

Important skills you need to know before going to college?

Important skills you need to know before going to college?

If you approach the end of high school you’re probably feeling the pressure of choosing the best college for yourself. This is the mutual problem for all generations. In addition to bringing a decision that will shape the rest of your life, going to college means a greater degree of independence in which you will need some practical skills.

How to write an official e-mail?

The first time you try to write a mail to a professor with whom you want to arrange a seminar topic or a date of the consultation, you will realize that you can’t start with “What’s up?”, and other words in similar style. Although, some teachers are not severe and don’t require an official tone when communicating with them, others could be very angry and this could create additional problems in the passing of exams. Before going to college, do your best to learn how to formally communicate, how to start and how to finish the mail, which are the most commonly used phrases etc. Definitely, you will need it!

How to solve the misunderstandings and conflicts?

If for the college you’re moving to another city, there are big chances you’ll end up with a roommate – either at home or in University campus. This means that misunderstandings and occasional quarrels become a reality with which you will have to know how to deal with. Unlike the household with whom you had a special way of solving problems, with roommates (who are actually unknown persons) you’ll have to take a different approach. Instead of yelling and accusations roommate that he is a pig who always leaves a dirty laundry on the floor and dishes in the sink, you’ll have to resort to more civilized methods and sentences like: “I noticed that you left your dirty laundry in the common area and I wonder if you can keep an eye on it? ”

How to ask for help?

You should never be embarrassed to ask for help from others. Professors and assistants are there for it! In addition to topics related to a specific course, you can ask them and intimate questions such as what they think do the college fits, how you’re progressing and similar. No one is breathing down your neck! You’ll have to ask for help with everything that you will not be able to do by yourself.

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