When to prune and trim the trees?

When to prune and trim the trees?

In order to maintain the beauty and safety of your landscape, regular tree pruning and trimming are required. Pruning can be considered as a preventive maintenance task.

Winter is the best season for paying attention over trees and shrubs. During winter woody plants become dormant and leaves shed, this creates an ideal time for their pruning. Pruning fundamentally includes the elimination of dead parts of trees to improve their health and appearance.

Reasons for tree pruning

Trees and shrubs provide exquisiteness and elegance to the outdoors. However, inadequately maintained trees can die before their age and create safety hazards. For some trees, pruning is recommended every year, so that they do not fall and damage any building or electricity pole nearby your house. This is the reason why tree pruning and trimming are essential step of tree maintenance.  Along with maintenance and safety, there are many more reasons for considering regular tree pruning, such as:

#1: Tree pruning promotes the health of trees as during pruning process dead branches, infectious insects, etc. are removed from the trees.

#2: Regular tree pruning can prevent accidental injuries, as cracked branches and low-hanging limbs (which are prone to fall) will be eliminated from trees after pruning.

#3: Tree pruning promotes trees health and beauty. After pruning, you will notice more fruits or flowers on your own trees.

#4: Through tree pruning, you can even control the size of trees.

#5: By pruning your trees, you can keep them evergreen.

Find a reliable tree pruning service provider

Pruning, large trees is not an easy task. You can accomplish tree pruning work from your own only if you do not fear to climb up, do not frighten from tree insects and animals, ready to play with lots of dust and have a full day to dedicate trees!

Well, off course…. tree pruning is not a DIY work. In order to adequately carry out the tree pruning tasks, you need a professional tree service provider. These professionals have proper training of doing tree pruning and other tree maintenance related work. They first diagnosis the real problems of trees and then apply methods to restore the health.

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