What Is Emergency Heat And When Should I Use It

What Is Emergency Heat And When Should I Use It

What Is Emergency Heat And When Should I Use It

If you take a closer look at your HVAC, you will notice that it comes with an emergency heat feature. You must be wondering what it does and might be tempted to give it a try as well. However, before that, you should be aware of what it should be used for and get information about it from HVAC companies. We are going to discuss some important things you should keep in mind.

When Should I Use Emergency Heat?

Emergency heat is exactly what it sounds like, emergency heat. It is simply heat meant for emergencies. The biggest misconception surrounding emergency heat is that it can be used for extremely cold days but you will only end up with electricity bills you never would have imagined.

If you live in a region that experiences extremely cold temperatures, your home’s heating system will automatically activate the backup heating system to increase the temperature inside the house. So, the only time you should be using the emergency heat is when the heat pump is broken. You can use it for temporary purposes until the heat pump is fixed.

How Does Heat Pump Work With EM Heat?

In normal conditions, the heat pump functions by pulling in heat from the air outside. If things turn too extreme, the heat pump’s emergency settings will inform the secondary heating system to turn on. As a result, your home’s heating system will use a secondary heating system.

However, if you were to turn on the emergency heat manually, the system will go into auxiliary mode by bypassing the main heat pump. Therefore, the heat is generated solely from the backup source, which could be an oil or hot-water system, gas furnace, etc.

How Do I Know Emergency Heat Is Activated?

Emergency heat is usually activated by a red indication. Depending on your heating system, it may or may not come with a red light indicator. So, the only way to know if the emergency heat is activated is by checking the warmth of the air.

If the red light indicator on your heating system is lit, it means the emergency heat is on and will remain turned on until the emergency heat is deactivated. Therefore, if the emergency heat has come on and your heat pump is facing an issue, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

The primary reason is that emergency heat consumes a lot of electricity and you should not be relying on it for long.

What Are the Signs My Heat Pump Is Going Bad?

If your heat pump is going bad, it will most probably produce unusual sounds like screeching, jarring and rattling, etc. However, regular maintenance will ensure that these things do not happen in the first place. Keep in mind that heat pumps are designed to last for years until needing a replacement.

But only if they are looked after. Heat pumps like other home appliances need regular maintenance as well. You simply cannot install them and look the other way. This is why experts suggest scheduling heat pump maintenance at least once a year.

This way, not only the expert will be able to remove all the dirt and dust accumulations but also identify any potential problems and fix them beforehand.

How Expensive Is Emergency Heat To Run?

There is no single answer to how expensive the emergency heat is to run as it depends on the type of heat pump you own. However, this is a fact that emergency heat is surely expensive. Electric heat pumps are already costly but if you have a heat pump that runs on gas or oil, the cost will depend on the efficiency and cost of the fuel.

Even though the cost won’t be as high as running the emergency heat feature but will be enough to make you cut down on the monthly energy bills. This is why it is important that you keep an eye on the emergency heat feature because it will turn on automatically and won’t shut down by itself, you will have to do it manually.

Final Word

Emergency heat should only be used in emergencies. If your primary heat source is in trouble, you should contact heat pump repair services Long Beach as soon as possible to get it running back to normal again. Otherwise, you will be a victim of extremely expensive energy bills at the end of the month.

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