5 Tips For Improving Your Website’s SEO And Ranking

5 Tips For Improving Your Website’s SEO And Ranking

5 Tips For Improving Your Website’s SEO And Ranking

Every website owner wants to improve their website ranking in the search results. You can easily check your ranking with a rank tracker tool, and then follow the below tips to improve the SEO and search engine ranking of your website.

Update Existing Content

If you have a website that has a decent amount of content, then you may not always need new content to improve your ranking. Updating existing content is critical and if the changes are significant and helpful, Google will treat it as new content and also give it a higher ranking in the search results.

There are different SEO strategies that experts and content editors use for updating content. One rule is to update any blog that is older than 12 months. Whereas some people follow the rule of updating blogs that are showing a downward traffic trend. You can also install a WordPress plugin that will show you which content needs an update.

To update a blog, open it and identify which parts require a refresh. Mostly, statistics and visuals or graphs need updation because as the new data arrives, the old data becomes outdated. Make the changes and after publishing, search your page in Google Search Console, and if it shows that the page is not indexed, press the index button to get it indexed.

Improve Pages With Ranking Between 5-15

Many stats show that the most traffic is captured by the top 3 organic search results. So, your pages should be in the top 3. This also indicates that your website pages that are near this mark can reach the first 3 search results if you try to improve them. You can take pages that are between 5-15 rank.

The process of improving content for better ranking varies, but in general, focus on these things:

  • Make your content easier to scan and easier to find sub-topics within the blog
  • Add more images, graphs, and visual information
  • Add more internal links
  • Make the content concise and clear
  • Ensure the content meets the search intent

Shoot For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are a small part of a website’s page that is most relevant to the search. The snippet is taken from the top 10 ranking pages for that keyword.

To optimize a blog for featured snippets, you should only take a blog that is in the top 10 results of a keyword.

Afterward, search the keyword and look at the featured snippet. The snippet could be a definition, list, or table.

Once you identify the type of featured snippet, include a section in your blog that answers the question in the searched keyword.

Another method for getting your blog into featured snippets is explaining the actions in the sub-heading for actional tips blogs. Because Google may take all the sub-heading and show them as bullet points in the snippet. Make sure all the sub-headings are using the same heading tag (H2, H3).

Decrease Bounce Rate And Increase Dwell Time

Dwell time is the average amount of time a visitor stays on your page before moving back to the search results and bounce rate is the average number of people closing the page without visiting any other page of the same website.

So, any page that has a higher bounce rate would send Google the message that people aren’t liking it and it might be ranked lower.

For any page that has a lower dwell time, you should ponder why visitors are leaving without staying for long. A good strategy to increase the dwell time is by embedding videos in your pages.

Fix broken Inbound Backlinks

Inbound links are other websites linking to pages of your site. This increases your referral traffic and can also improve your ranking. But it will do it if the link is working.

Broken inbound links won’t take people to the page the visitors will be expecting and it will be most likely a 404 not found page. So, fix inbound links that are broken and get the benefits of the backlinks.


Reaching the top of the search results for many keywords is really difficult. But keep following the above tips to make improvements. Moreover, use a search rank checker to see the results yourself or show them to the website owner.

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