How To Tint Your Car’s Windshield

How To Tint Your Car’s Windshield

How To Tint Your Car’s Windshield

You might have heard people talking about car window tinting but some vehicle owners also prefer tinting their windshield. The reasons could be more or less the same but tinting a windshield, especially if you are doing it on your own, is not that easy. So, let’s discuss a few important steps to give you a closer look into the process.

Choose A Location And Gather The Supplies

The first thing you need to do when it comes to tinting your windshield is choose the right spot or location. What we mean by that is you should opt for an area that is free of moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, etc. Keep in mind that the longevity of the tints depends on the technique of installation.

Even if an expert is installing the tint and the area is covered with dirt and dust etc. such external factors get in the way of the windows and the tint film and create bubbles that reduce the lifespan of the tints. At the same time, there should not be any wind, and make sure there is enough room to fully open the doors.

Once you have done that, it is time to gather the supplies. You are going to need window tint, black electrical tape, a squeegee, a spray bottle, razor blades, towels, a ladder, a screwdriver, tape measure/ruler, soap & water, towels, and a hair dryer.

Clean The Windshield & Prepare The Solution

Next, you will need to prepare the solution that you are going to use to clean the windshield. Mix the cleaning and application solutions. You can also purchase chemicals that are specifically made for cleaning car windows. However, the soap method is preferred as it helps the tints stick to the glass.

Now that the solution is prepared, spray it on the windshield and use a soft microfiber cloth to clean and wipe away all the dirt and dust, etc. Pay close attention to the area where the tint will be installed, there should be no residue or dust left. And once you are done cleaning from the outside, clean the inside as well.

Making The Template

This is the trickiest part of the process but can be done with ease if you are patient and take your time. Use a measuring tape and note down the dimensions of the windshield. This will give you an idea of how much tint is needed to apply. Once you have measured the dimensions, lay down the roll of tint over the windshield making sure the entire windshield is covered.

Now, grab a razor blade, and using the measurements, begin cutting the tint. Do not scratch the rubber and the windshield itself. You will have to go extremely slow here as the tints on windshields tend to be the biggest and take a lot more time.

Applying The Spray Solution

Keep in mind that the windshield tint will be installed from the inside. The reason for laying the tint roll on the outside was simply because you cannot do it from the inside. Once you are done making the template, you will notice that it resembles the shape of the windshield from the inside.

Before you can begin installing the tint from the inside, make sure you remove the mirror and all such items that may come in the way. Plus, make sure the tint is soaking wet while installing. Begin, spraying the inside of the window with the solution and install the tint.

You might need a helping hand for this, so, ask a friend or family relative to help you out.

Curing The Tint

Once you are done installing the tint, you should give it a few days to cure. If the weather outside is cold, it will take longer for the tints to cure than it would in the summer days. In the summer season, it would take a maximum of a day or two for the tints to dry.

Make sure you do not roll down the windows and use a hair dryer to help the solution dry out as much as possible.


In the end, tinting a windshield requires patience and technique. If you cover the basics right, you are most likely to end up successfully installing the tint. Therefore, keep the tips mentioned above in mind when tinting your car’s windshield and go to a window tint shop Springfield if possible.

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