What are the tell tale signs of depression and how to treat them?

What are the tell tale signs of depression and how to treat them?

What are the tell tale signs of depression and how to treat them?

Are you showing the symptoms of depression? Depression is the state of mind where one feels low and tries to avoid activities. It is the aversion to activities that may affect the thought process of the person’s feeling, and behavior and it seriously impacts the sense of well-being. If you are depressed, you will feel sad, hopeless, and anxious and there will be no motivation to work. Irritability, feeling restless and ashamed is some other signs of depression that may interfere with daily activities. A time will come when you will lose interest in activities you liked in the past. You will have difficulty in concentrating; recalling things and you may even end up taking a wrong decision. Lack of sleep or insomnia and feeling suicidal is common.

What are the symptoms of depression?

If you have any of the following symptoms, you need to take up therapeutic or medical help:

  • The level of energy becomes ‘homolateral’ to make you feel exhausted, tired all the time. This will reduce the ability recover from the situation.
  • It becomes tough to adapt to what is going on in the house and your surroundings.
  • A reduction in the spleen energy is the direct sign of depression. If you feel that your spleen energy is down, you need to reduce the physical and emotional toxins in the environment to strengthen the spleen.
  • You feel that you need some super human effort to remain kind and compassionate towards yourself.

How to treat depression?

Prior to treating the symptoms of depression, you need to keep in mind that taking anti-depressant will not help that much. It can only build up more toxins in the body. It is only you who can treat depression. Try to relax and indulge in social activities. It is God who can take out depression in you. Exercise regularly and do the yoga asanas to remain attached with God. Regular Yoga can give dramatic results. Try and indulge in activities that interest you. It can be joining any of the activity classes like dance, singing, playing piano or even games. Always keep in mind that depression cannot be treated overnight. It requires discipline, perseverance and hard work. Try to excel in your area of interest and stay motivated. Friends can be a great help in such times. Moving out with friends and enjoying with them can help. Utilize your energy in positive things and believe in God.

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