Why is multitasking, time consuming and distracting?

Why is multitasking, time consuming and distracting?

Why is multitasking, time consuming and distracting?

Multitasking is a waste of time in real sense for many. As the name signifies, ‘time management’, is the art of managing time and an ability to control and plan how you spend the time but multitasking is not effective time management. Poor time management is closely associated with procrastination and problems relating to self-control. You need a lot of skill for proper time management and such skills include carefully setting the goals, planning how to accomplish them and keeping a check how the time is spent.

Multitasking is only fantastic if one wishes to fill the time and show that he/she is doing a lot of things simultaneously. It seems nice to flick between reading the Face Book messages, checking the Gmail, writing a report and watching television but it is a waste of time. You will not be able to accomplish anything at the end of the day. Besides, a lot of time will be consumed bringing your focus back to the main work.

In what way multitasking is useless?

The main demerit of multitasking is immense wastage of time and effort. Owing to the level of distraction and procrastination, you will be doing everything except what you are supposed to. Task switching is the greatest disadvantage of multitasking. The conscious mind of the person functions like one thread processor. It is in the linear fashion that you may do your tasks well.

What is the major drawback of multitasking?

You have to switch between tasks in multitasking. One has to keep moving forward, backward and the again forward. This is very time consuming and so multitasking is a waste of time. A great technological evolution and advancement has taken place in the 21st century but still human brains have not evolved. A human brain works best in a single thread fashion. When you keep changing tasks, moving forward and backward, you have to switch your thoughts repeatedly from one piece of work to another. You will have to repeatedly recall the pertinent information about every task. This is the main problem of multitasking. Multitasking implies doing multiple things at the same time, making you do everything inefficiently. There are more chances of committing an error when you are multitasking.

Effective time management

If you think that multitasking saves time then you are wrong. To save time, you may practice time management. Good time management skills may allow you to cope with the pressure of modern city life. If you are always running short of time, better time management can help save time, allowing you to regain control. Time management implies focusing on tasks which are more important and devoting more time on them. This can help gain the lifestyle balance. Know your goals prior to starting any project, fix up time limit for every unit of the work. This way, you can become more productive.

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