Persian Rugs: The Perfect Décor That Stood the Test of Time

Persian Rugs: The Perfect Décor That Stood the Test of Time

Persian Rugs: The Perfect Décor That Stood the Test of Time

For the longest time, Persian rugs are considered as among the most prized and coveted floor coverings. These authentic rugs often come with expensive prices and are made using natural materials like silk or wool. These rugs are probably one of the oldest types of rugs in the world and for most collectors, these are dubbed as the finest you can find.

Without a doubt, these Oriental rugs can add a unique air of mystery and undeniable beauty to any home or office. However, it is a must that before you buy one, you have to ensure that you will get a good product not just based on the looks but also the design and care.

Handmade vs. Machine-made rugs

These rugs are made available in both machine made and handmade options. The one you will choose will basically depend on what you expect to get from the rug. If you are after a valuable, authentic and durable rug, then, handmade is your better option. Handmade rugs usually take years to make and these ooze all the characters and charm you can ever imagine.

On the other hand, machine made rugs cannot really be considered as legit. These rugs claim to be the real thing when the truth is that these only take minutes to be finished and are definitely not worth of your investment.

The real deal is going to have a higher value through the years and while the machine made ones will not need a high upfront payment, these will also not last that long.

Of course, the real trick all boils down to being able to tell a real handmade Oriental rug from a machine made one. It is very possible to spot their differences right away. The only thing you have to do is flip over the rug and check its underside. When the back pattern is as distinct as the one at the front, then, it is guaranteed to be the real deal. But, the tests don’t end there.

Another test is to take the rug then bend it back gently. The easiest place for doing this is at the corner. This will let you check the roof or base of the tufts. When these appear in rows, you got a handmade rug there. Rugs made using machines are not knotted.

It is possible to find good deals on handmade rugs online. Just remember that you obviously don’t have any way to test out the rugs first. What you can do instead is check the vendor’s return policy to know if they don’t have limits to returns.

You can then do the testing at home and return the products within the allotted time, usually 28 days.

Every Rug Has Its Unique Meaning

Not a lot of people are aware that every design of these rugs has a unique meaning but once you find that out, it will make even more enjoyable and fun for you to buy these products. The rug showcases a story as told by its weaver.

Religious tales, battles and love stories and even superstitions are all common on these rugs. You can also expect to see flowers, animals, birds and symbols among other designs. The tree of life and prayer niche are prominent in Persian antique rugs va as well.

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