Are Silk Rugs A Good Investment?

Are Silk Rugs A Good Investment?

Are Silk Rugs A Good Investment?

Silk rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs to buy and not to forget the most expensive too. It is a good decision to think before investing that would it even be a good investment or not. It is wise to check out the rug stores or ‘silk rugs near me’ before you decide to buy one. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of silk rugs.

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It is better to talk about the disadvantages first so that you can easily decide if pros are worthy enough to live with some cons.

  1. Expensive

The process of getting silk itself is very expensive and takes a lot of time and effort. Going further and using that silk in a rug requires even more effort. The weaving and putting in design and detail in a silk rug needs a lot more time to be put in. So it is perfectly reasonable that some of the most expensive rugs are found to be the silk rugs. Silk rugs are also usually made in India, China, and Turkey, most of the countries import from there, which further adds to the costs of buying a silk rug.

  1. Cleaning Issue

Silk rugs cannot be easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. They require a professional, who knows what he or she is doing and can clean the rug without ruining it. Silk rugs require high maintenance and it is preferred for them that they are sent to official rug cleaning services instead of cleaning yourself at home.

  1. Chemically Sensitive

Chemicals such as bleach cannot be used on silk rugs as they can very easily damage the rug. Not only that but wine can also cause a lot of damage.

  1. Easy to Fake

The higher in demand an object is, the higher the chances of people faking it. This is why many dealers try to sell artificial silk rugs while claiming that they are the natural original silk material. It is advised that you know the dealer well before you trust him enough to buy a silk rug from him and also try to get your rugs from your own country where you know your people well.

  1. Sun-Sensitive

Silk rugs are said to be sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun which fade away the bright colors of silk rugs and lower its durability. So you can’t use it in areas where you want a lot of sunlight or you will have to spend too much money trying to replace the rug multiple times.


All the reasons why you should definitely be buying silk rugs.

  1. Beautiful to Look At

Silk rugs have the best appearance ever as they are beautiful due to the silk fiber used. As silk is strong as fiber, the weavers can work in more detail on it and create beautiful designs. The knots are also more per square inches which makes the rugs even more appealing to the eye. Silk rugs are also more colorful, thinner and flexible than other rugs. Silk rugs also have a unique quality of reflecting light so based on where the rug is placed and how much light is reflected on it, the colors will look different accordingly. Many ‘silk rugs near me’ websites show beautiful rug stores choices.

  1. Skilled Weavers

Not everyone can make a silk rug so it requires the most skilled craftsmen to work on it. Only experienced weavers would have the skill to weave pattern, designs, and colors to a silk rug to make it look beautiful.

  1. Durability

As mentioned before that silk is a very strong fiber, the strength of this also makes it more durable. A silk cannot easily be bent out of shape like a wool rug which over time loses shape. They also do not mix other fibers to make it thicker and stronger to last so silk rugs are made of pure silk only. A silk rug is also less likely to disintegrate over the years and lose its original quality. Check out rug stores VA that near you and find your favorite silk rugs.

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