7 Hair Extension Care Tips You Should Know

7 Hair Extension Care Tips You Should Know

People usually get their hair extensions from salons that do hair extensions mostly because they want to add length and volume to their hair or maybe even cover up a scar or a bad cut. Caring for hair extensions is vital and here are some tips on how to do just that.

Regular Brushing

Taking care of your hair extensions is a very good habit and what better way to start it by simply brushing them. Just as your natural hair would, hair extensions can also get tangled and they need to be regularly brushed by a special hair extension brush so that they don’t get damaged. If you don’t use them regularly then it is recommended that you brush them before and after the use to maintain them. Gently brush in and out of the extension so that you don’t cause breakage.

Wash Your Clip-In Extensions

If you have clip-in hair extensions then you might want to have them washed at least once a month. Soak them in lukewarm water and rinse them gently. If you want, you can add wig shampoo to them or if they are made of real hair then your regular shampoo would do. Be very gentle when washing them as they can be torn from the roots quite easily.

Caring for the Roots

When you get hair extensions in the salon that are embedded to your head then you need to be extra careful while brushing even your normal hair. The extensions are bonded to your head and there is a chance they can be pulled out when you brush them too hard. Keep the pressure of the bonds by holding your hair into your fists while brushing or running your fingers through it.

Careful Conditioning

Conditioning your hair is also an important part of your hair extension care and can be done much more carefully by salons that do hair extensions. When your hair extensions are sewn in your scalp then you need to be extra careful while taking a bath. You don’t want the shampoo to destroy them so you must gently apply shampoo to it by working it downwards and making as minimal contact with the sewn-in part as ever. Conditioners don’t need to be near your scalp as they only work on hairs. If you apply too much of it near your scalp then there is a risk that your extensions might fall off. There are a lot of extension friendly shampoos and conditioners that you can buy for proper caring.

Minimize Heat Exposure

Hair extensions and heat don’t go hand in hand and that’s the reason why hair extensions are prohibited to heat exposures like blow-drying or flat ironing. You must rely on natural air to dry your hair without using the blow dryer. It will ruin the look of the extensions so, you must not think of washing your hair if you have a busy day ahead and you cannot wait to have your hair dry. If you really want to use a blow dryer and you completely rely on it then set it on the lowest temperature and use it for the shortest time as you can and make sure to use a heat-protective hair spray.

Tie Your Hair at Night

If you are someone who likes to sleep with their hair open than that need to be changed according to hair salon experts. When sleeping your hair extension get pulled and tangled so you can avoid that risk. Tying your hair in a braid or a ponytail when sleeping can not only save you from the said things but also give your hair a wavy look in the morning.

Store Them Carefully

Clip-in hair extensions need to be detached from the head when sleeping or when not in use. Storing the hair extensions in a dry and safe place will increase its lifespan and maintain their quality as well. Have them removed, untangle them and then put them in a box or a bag completely dedicated to them.

It is popular for people to get hair extensions in salons Potomac but the care they require is important for them to maintain their quality.

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