Brick Patio Ideas and advantages

Brick Patio Ideas and advantages

Brick Patio Ideas and advantages

In the hands of a professional brick patio contractor, a brick patio can be turned into a job of art. No issue your patio is laid over a gravel and bed of sand, or on a concrete block, brick can be managed in many special patterns. Further, brick patio has a top color that never lightens.

Brick patio ideas

A brick patio can be built in just about any shape. General shades include freedom curves, circles, rectangles, and square. The more difficult the shape of your patio the harder the installation will be, making the process take more time and cost more money.

Depending on the shape of your patio and brick pattern you pick you can make your patio appear casual or formal. A formal brick patio has direct edges and an easy pattern such as herringbone or traditional running bond. A casual brick patio has a pattern such as a basket weave and freedom shape.

Brick can be used in combination with other paving materials to make a special brick patio design. Brick looks especially perfect as borders or bands around a stone or concrete patio. A famous mixture is cut bluestone with a brick border.

Brick patio cost

Materials for a brick patio are extremely cost-friendly. Guess to pay $2-3 per square foot for the bricks. The true cost of a brick patio appears in paying for fixing. Get a few guesses from domestic masonry contractors to make sure that you are getting the best price. Depending on the kind of brick you pick and pattern used to lay it, the full cost of materials and labor should fall between $13 and $25 per square foot.

Laying a brick patio

There are 2 installation techniques for a brick patio: mortared and dry laid. A dry laid patio is supported by a base of compacted sand and gravel, while a mortared patio is set on a concrete slab. Bear in mind that for a patio, it is vital that the bricks always be level. If they are not level, furniture will wobble and rock. A professional brick layer will perfectly check the bricks level as he lays them.

Low maintenance

Cleaning brick patio is done with some water, detergent and a scrubbing brush. Most of the time they need a pretty maintenance and can be expected to last for generations to come by landscaping contractors. lagrass

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