4 Warning signs that your marriage is failing

4 Warning signs that your marriage is failing

4 Warning signs that your marriage is failing

The most painful and traumatic experience that can happen to an individual is to watch their marriage falling apart in front of their eyes. No matter how painful it would be, it has to be endured and one has to move on with their lives. However, if you get early warning signs which will that your marriage is sailing through troubled waters, you would possible get a chance to rectify the wrong and save the marriage.

Here are some early signs that should act as an eye-opener and tell you that, if not corrected, you would end up signing on the divorce papers soon.

Either or both partners start disrespecting each other

Respect is one the greatest expressions of love. If there is lack of respect in a relationship, it points towards the bitter truth that possibly the love between the two has dried up. It does not need the brains of Einstein to say that when there is no love left in a relation, it becomes a matter of time before it gets called off.

Frequency of arguments get increased

Although it is true that arguments strengthen the bond of love, but when the level of arguments breaks all bars it becomes a matter of concern. When you find yourself arguing too much with your partner, when the teases of your partner starts to pinch you and when you feel that there is no effort to settle an argument from either side, you better get the message that things are going out of your control and would end up in a separation.

Sexual intimacy becomes a thing of the past

You may not have been leading a very frequent sex-life, but when things really dry up on the bed you may want to wonder what is keeping you away from him. It is definitely true that the recipe of a successful marriage does not have sex as the only ingredient, but it is an ingredient for sure. When that ingredient starts turning sour, you should get a message that the recipe is going to yield a marriage which is not going to last for long.

You stop trusting your partner

When you find yourself not trusting your partner any longer and when certain actions of your partner raises questions about her faithfulness towards you, it is time to relook at the whole thing from a neutral perspective. Trust is the biggest pillar which supports the roof of a healthy marriage. If you find that missing in the relationship, it is time for you to confront your partner and understand what is going wrong between the two.

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