Everything About Microfiber Rugs You Should Know

Everything About Microfiber Rugs You Should Know

Everything About Microfiber Rugs You Should Know

Rugs have come a long way since the first time they were introduced and today there is a huge variety of rugs such as traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, and wholesale oriental rugs. However, you can also choose rugs based on the material from which they are made like wool, cotton, jute, silk, and microfiber. Here is everything you need to know about microfiber rugs.

What Are Microfiber Rugs?

Microfiber is a material that is very commonly used in making rags and washcloths. Now, this use has been graduated to rugs as well. Microfiber is made out of polyester and long chain plastic polymers which give the look and feel of a fabric, but the properties are quite similar to plastic. It is a synthetic material and it is man-made in huge factories. It is a relatively new material that has been introduced in rugs, but it is definitely making a name for itself, in terms of good price and sound durability.

Are They Good For Use?

Synthetic rugs are great because they don’t cost a lot but they are durable if they are taken care of properly. You can use these rugs anywhere and everywhere you like. These rugs are especially great for use in the bathroom where there is a lot of water exposure on rugs. It will absorb the water and it will not get damaged either. You can also use it as décor in different rooms. Microfiber area rugs are a great investment that doesn’t only look good, but can also take a lot of walking impacts.

Microfiber Rugs And Heavy Foot Traffic

Microfiber rugs are durable, but a lot of foot traffic can lead to the rug getting slouched or losing its shape quickly. This is a common trait with almost all types of rugs. If you want to maximize the durability of the rug, then make sure that you are putting it in an area of your house where there is low foot traffic. Although microfiber rugs do perform soundly in heavy foot traffic areas, there is a chance that these rugs can get damaged over time. Also, you don’t want to move them around too much or have pets play with it, otherwise, it can lead to damage and tearing of the rug.

They Are Stain-Resistant

One of the great things about microfiber rugs is that they don’t let stains penetrate deep into them. The property of plastic comes in handy in this case. These rugs are almost stain-repellent and they can have liquids sit on them for a long amount of time and still there would be no seepage or penetration inside them. This is a great thing because you won’t need to clean your rug every time someone spills something on it.

Shedding Problem

A microfiber rug is soundly durable, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t shed. A lot of activity on the rug can lead to the fibers of the rug getting loose and they can land near the rug or even on your hands or feet if you walk close by. This is also aggravated when you have pets around the house and if they play with and move the rug around too much, it can also cause shedding and balding in certain places. This looks really bad and the rug will lose its appeal, so you have to toss it out and get a new one, which is not a huge problem since these rugs are quite inexpensive.

What Can Ruin Microfiber Rugs?

One thing that can ruin a good microfiber rug is oil or anything emollient. Oils and lotions have a bad effect on microfiber rugs and these are the only things that can cause permanent staining on these rugs. This is why it is suggested to keep these rugs away from the kitchen or where there might be exposure to oil. Oil stains are impossible to remove and the rug is permanently damaged and you have no choice but to replace it.


There you have it! Microfiber rugs are relatively new in the world of rugs and now you know everything there is to a microfiber rug. Tempted to buy one now? Well, what are you waiting for? Visit rug stores Alexandria that have different designs of microfiber rugs.

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