How surety bonds work?

How surety bonds work?

How surety bonds work?

A surety bond means an agreement between three parties to ensure that a promise should be kept. It guarantees certain obligation by one party. Bailing a friend or a family member out of jail on a surety bond seems to be risky if you don’t have full trust on the suspect. But it is used in order to reassure the courts that the suspect will not skip on bail and will come for the pending trial in court. The following paragraphs give useful insight into how surety bonds works.


Non-refundable Premium


The person bailing the defendant out of jail needs to pay a percentage of the bond, known as premium which is non refundable. After paying the premium, bondsman covers the rest of the bond amount from the defendant. A contract between the bondsman and the person bailing the defendant out of jail is created that guarantees that the suspect will appear for court hearing and in case of default, the bond money gets forfeited.


Bond Revocation


Make sure to hire professional bondsman as he holds the right to inquire about your details like name, number and the history of any case you were involved in. Apart from this, a bondsman holds the right to deny a bond request or revoke the bond if he thinks that the suspect might default or will not appear in court.


Bounty Hunters


In case the suspect skips the bail, then the surety company pays to the agency that arrested the suspect. The bondsman then pays the company and tries to get the money from the co-signer of the contract. Further, to apprehend the suspect, bounty hunters are contacted.


Moreover, the surety bonds are known as measured bail bonds and are non-refundable if obtainable through bail bondsmen. This helps the client as he/she need not to spend all the money as the bail bonds could be obtained 24 hours in all 7 days. All professional bail bondsman remain within reach on an “on call” source at any time they are not available in their offices. Some countries consider generation of financial incentives for suspected parties to appear in court as some people deliberately leave town after redistribution of surety bail bonds and need arises for bounty hunters.

The bail bonds released by private bail bonding companies are non-refundable and costly as so many court systems offers the option to pay 10% of cash bond in lieu of the entire bail amount. Basically, the bail bondsmen works like a short term high interest permitting institutions but at times of the financial difficulties of the accused then it proves to be very much beneficial.



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