How Do You Know When To Change Your Furnace Filter

How Do You Know When To Change Your Furnace Filter

How Do You Know When To Change Your Furnace Filter

Air filters are important components of a furnace. They are designed to remove impurities from the air so that you and your loved ones are not exposed to harmful diseases. This means that they should be periodically replaced by yourself or heating repair services. We are going to discuss some signs that usually point towards filter replacement. 

Your Bills Keep Increasing

The first thing that you will notice when the air filter needs replacement is that the bills keep on increasing. This is because your furnace requires a sufficient amount of airflow to produce warm air. If the air filter tends to be blocked, the components inside will have to work harder, which not only puts the entire unit under extreme stress but also leads to overheating.

In addition to that, since the furnace detects that the desired temperature is not being achieved, it continues working non-stop. This causes a huge spike in electricity bills. Therefore, if you notice that your monthly electricity bills are increasing at an alarming rate, you should immediately inspect your furnace

Depending on the area where you live, you might want to clean them at least twice a week. However, you will need to replace them once a year to ensure the unit keeps running normally.

You Are Getting Sick

As mentioned previously, air filters are designed to remove contaminants in the air. In the case of an air filter being clogged, the contaminated air will make its way inside the house, leading to several respiratory diseases.  With that said, if you notice that you are regularly getting sick and there is something unusual with the air inside.

You should immediately get your air filters replaced. This is important if you have members in your family who are sensitive to allergies and dirt and dust. 

You Notice A Burning Smell

If you come across a burning smell, it might be either due to the overheating blower motor or due to the actual filters. We have already mentioned earlier that clogged furnace filters put the components under extreme stress. This leads to overheating since the furnace requires proper airflow through the system.

Airflow only becomes restricted if the filters tend to be clogged with debris and dirt. Apart from that, there is potentially no reason for air filters to become clogged. With that said, if you notice a burning smell inside your house, you should try replacing the filters. If that does not solve the issue, you should immediately turn the unit off and inspect it once the smell goes away.

Less Heat, Longer Runtime

The majority of homeowners are not aware of the fact that furnace filters are directly related to the intensity of the heat produced. If the air filters are clogged, the furnace will take longer to warm up the house. Therefore, if you notice that your furnace is taking longer than usual to reach the desired temperature, the air filters might be the culprit. 

Your Home Is Dustier

Apart from toxicants entering your house, you should also be concerned about your house suddenly becoming dustier. This is primarily due to the air filter being clogged and not being able to block dust and dirt from entering. In addition to that, the dirt and dust from the clogged air filter will also make their way inside. 

The problem is that most homeowners will hardly notice dirt and dust buildup. They are most likely to blame the weather outside. However, if you notice that your dusting cycles have increased, it means that the air filters need to be checked or replaced. 

Replacing the air filter is an easy task, which can be done on your own. However, you need to make sure that the air filter is of the right size and type. You should consult the user’s manual since there is a huge variety out there. Only opt for the air filter recommended by the manufacturer. 

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned signs are a sure way of telling that your furnace filters need replacement. You should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and maintain a logbook that helps you perform timely replacements and maintenance. It’s recommended to hire furnace repair services for maintenance and repairs. topac

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