All one need to know about chafing dishes

All one need to know about chafing dishes

All one need to know about chafing dishes

Most people have seen chafing dishes in different types of parties which are rented from the chafing dishes rentals. But they know nothing about these dishes as they have seen them in parties only. For such people I am going to explain everything one needs to know about these dishes.

Things to learn about chafing dishes rentals

Though most dish rentals may not be having all the chafers included in their inventory, the one needed for your requirement will be available there. If it is not available don’t be timid to ask whether they will include the one needed for you. Details of different types of chafing dishes are furnished below.

Know about party rentals

Chafers: These chafers are commonly used to hold the buffet food at the exact temperature needed while serving. They consist of a food pan, a heat source and a water basin.  The water in the basin is heated with the help of the heat source and so the food is kept warm at the correct temperature.

Heating element: Rental chafers normally run on electricity or solid fuel or liquid fuel. When liquid or solid is used as fuel there is a possibility of higher fuel costs. An open flame will also be the result of such fuels.  But electrical chafers do not have a flame, but a power source may not be available everywhere. The cords used in electrical supply can also trip someone unknowingly.

Lids:  The lid in chafing dishes rentals is usually a lift-off or a roll-top lid. In limited space venues roll-top lids are more suitable as they often remain retracted into the chafer and guests need to open the lid and serve themselves with one hand.   It also allows people to serve from both the sides of the table.  If the lid is a lift-off type, there should be enough space on the buffet table so that the guests can place their plates or lid on the table and serve themselves. If there are lid holders attached to the chafer it will be very convenient.

Size: Smaller rectangular or round chafers usually can hold 3 to 6 quarts of food where as full-size chafers can hold 8 quarts of food.

Shape: Rental chafers are available in a variety of shapes. The most common shapes include round, rectangular, serpentine, oval square etc.

Material: Chafing dishes used by party rentals services bronx ny are usually made of materials like silver, stainless steel, chrome, cropper, teakwood etc. Some rental party has chafers in gold, brass or wood with two-toned effect. Some of them are having mirror finish. Some chafers have bases made of wrought iron or copper.

Food pan: Food pan of rental chafers are usually made of stainless steel.

Accessories: Chafer accessories include dual pans for two dishes, wind guards, risers, lid holders, spoon rest, etc. These accessories make party rentals versatile and capable of meeting different individual needs.

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