Can orthopedic doctors treat rheumatoid arthritis?

Can orthopedic doctors treat rheumatoid arthritis?

Can orthopedic doctors treat rheumatoid arthritis?

There are different kinds of chronic inflammatory disorders which can affect other part of your body than joints alone. One of the most talked about such disorder is rheumatoid arthritis. This disorder has been found to affect different parts of the patient’s body. Along with joints, rheumatoid arthritis is also found to have causing disorders in various body systems such as lungs, eyes, heart, skin, blood vessels and so on. As joints are the starting point of rheumatoid arthritis patients often run to local orthopedic doctors for immediate relief.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is well known that this particular disorder is associated with joints. Apparently over 40 percent of patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis have shown symptoms and experiences that does not involve joints or bones. After showing some known symptoms, the disease keeps progressing and may spread to other parts of the body like elbows, ankles, hips, shoulders and knees. This prompts the patients to consult orthopedic surgeons for immediate relief. Another interesting characteristic of this disease is that one symptom may not last for long time. One symptom may disappear after a certain amount of time and make way for the patient to experience an entirely different symptom. In such cases local orthopedic doctors find it difficult to find the root cause of the disorder.

Causes of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis can occur when synovium, the linings which each membrane surrounding your joints gets attacked by your immune system. This will result in a peculiar kind of inflammation that will end up thickening the synovium. Eventually, it becomes the root cause of damaging the cartilage and the joint. This will lead to the change of shape and alignment of the bones. The joints affected with rheumatoid arthritis are visibly disproportionate. This also gives a vague feeling to the patient that orthopedic surgeons will be the best persons to consult with. The causes for this disorder could found be your genes. In some cases, certain kind of bacterial and viral infections can also be considered as the root cause.

Orthopedic surgeons

Rheumatoid Arthritis disorders are found in people belonging to different age category. Most cases are seen in the age category of 40-60. It is also seen that people who smoke cigarettes have a higher risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis. People who are obese and suffering from heart disease could possibly end up in severe complication while having this disorder. Visit orthopedic surgeons mclean for apt treatment.

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