How To Store Food In Your Restaurant’s Fridge

How To Store Food In Your Restaurant’s Fridge

How To Store Food In Your Restaurant’s Fridge

There are rules when it comes to storing food in the fridge. If you do not consider rules, your fridge will get out of order and you will have to hire commercial refrigerator services. Following are some helpful tips for storing food.

Rotate the Stock

This is one of the best and the most important tips to store food in the fridge. According to this principle, food should be rotated regularly. As you store the food or other items, make sure you remove or consume them on time. Otherwise they will expire and may lead to spoil other items as well.

Food Labeling

Labeling food is the finest options which helps protect as well as the fridge. Everyone at home, the staff at commercial kitchens should know this rule. Whenever the food items arrive, they should be labelled. The small sticking labels are cheaper and it does not take much time either. With this practice, you can ensure the longevity of your freezers.

Storing Meat at the Lowest Chamber

Commercial refrigerator repair services provide a useful tip when it comes to storing meat in the freezers. They recommend to pack the meat and similar foods. They should not be left open. In case, you do not pack the meat, it should be stored at the lowest level. It may release water which can contaminate the whole food inside the fridge.

Storage Temperatures

Controlling temperature is very much important without which the freezer may not perform well. It can also lead to food contamination. In summer, you should be very careful about the storage temperature. In winter, it is not a serious issue as there is enough cooling. So be careful and manage the temperature as required.

Keep Food in Airtight Containers

Using airtight bags or containers is pretty simple. This rule is applied throughout the world and in commercial kitchens too, as per the reports by commercial refrigerator services. It helps protect the food and enhances its life. Food doesn’t spoil this. And if it does as it expires, it will not have any effects on other food items. The freezer will also be protected this way.

Don’t Overload Storage Space

It has been noticed that many people stuff their freezers with food items. They do not leave any space between the food items. When the door is opened, food comes out. It is really a very bad practice not only for food but for the health of your freezer. It is common on special occasions when people have too much food to store. Always leave some space between the food items.

Clean the Fridge Regularly

Here comes another serious mistake which majority of people make when it comes to appliances whether it be cooktops or refrigerators. You have to respect the health of your freezer. For this, it requires special cleaning, regular inspection and repairing. Take care of it and it will save you from maintenance expenses.

Follow FIFO Rule

FIFO rule says first in, first out. In simple words, you have to store the food in order and consume it in the same order. Like the items which were stored first should be removed or used first. It has a number of advantages, like food does not contaminate, it does not expire, freezer performs well and you do not need to repair it more than often.

Get Rid of Spoiled Food

Once you notice some food items have spoiled or have doubts, you should get rid of them. It is never a smart choice to keep the freezer stuffed with contaminated food. It will also spoil other food items, damage the freezer and create smell.

Difference Between Use-By and Best-Before

We think of them equivalent to expiry date but only use-by is that.

If a food’s use-by date is has passed, you should not eat or serve it as it’s now harmful to consume. On the other hand, if a food’s best-before date is passed, it can still be used, but it’s quality may be lessened.

Give the Fridge Some Space

It’s not a food organization tip but it’s important. You should leave some space around the refrigerator empty so that hot air it’s producing to keep food cool is dispersed easily. It will keep your fridge working well for long. If any repairs needed, you should contact your commercial refrigerators repairs Fairfax company for help.

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