Different Types of Wood Shutters

Different Types of Wood Shutters

Different Types of Wood Shutters

Wooden Plantation Shutters

Indoor shutters are usually used on doors and windows and are common everywhere in the world. Window or door shutters consist of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. These shutters are solid and stable window coverings that are used on different types of windows and doors. Generally wooden shutters are used in homes and there are many different types of wood shutters that can be chosen depending on the preference and the use. These shutters serve a number of purposes and are very useful. They provide privacy to the house, provide extra security and also protect against the weather. They look really good and also add to the appeal of the interior design of the house. The following are different types of wood shutters that are available for the customers to choose from:

Types of Interior Shutters

Plantation Style Shutters

These types of shutters are also called California Shutters or Traditional Wood Shutters. These shutters are characterized by the fact that they have operable louvers or slats which can be rotated to open and close to control the light, the visibility and the airflow in the room where these shutters are put on the windows. These are generally used in the south and in California where the weather is warmer than other parts of the country.

Café Style Wood Shutters

These wood shutters are also called half height wood shutters and are commonly used for privacy purposes. These types of wooden shutters only cover the lower half of the windows leaving the upper part of the windows without wood shutters. As these types of shutters are mainly used for privacy purposes they are common in café’s where the customers get some privacy because of these shutters. Another purpose that is also met by these shutters is the upper half of the windows remain shutter free and sun light is poured into the rooms from the upper half of the windows.

Full Height Shutters

Many times in the household we see full height shutters that cover the entire windows. These shutters either have the same type of vertical stiles and horizontal rails throughout the window frame or they have a horizontal divider in the middle. With full height wood shutters they have dividers in the middle and there is generally an operable louver involved. Buyers can control the operable louvers of the upper portion and the lower portion differently as per the personal preferences.

Double Hung Shutters

Double Hung shutters or tier on tier as they are called in Europe. These types of wood shutters are basically two separate wood shutters that have different settings which are placed one on top of the other. The customers can keep the lower or upper wood shutter open and close the other one depending on the need and preference. These are similar to half shutters but both upper and lower portions of the window are covered with two separate shutters in this case.

The above were different types of wood shutters that are commonly used in households, shops and other living spaces.

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