Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation

Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation

Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are not only about the stunning backsplash and beautiful cabinets, which is why a kitchen renovation is ideal if you want to add value to your lifestyle and home. In order to help you with the whole process, there are useful tips you will find here that can guide you when deciding what to do with the kitchen renovation. The home addition builder will be more than happy to listen.

All you need to know about kitchen remodeling

Figuring out how you really use the kitchen is important before starting any kitchen renovation project. People think that if they have a lot of space like when they are thinking of a newly renovated kitchen means more is better. They have the tendency to make the distance broader between the countertop and the island. This will actually make cooking harder because you have to walk too far from the fridge to the range.

Try out an island before buying

If you require a bigger counter and storage area, then you might want to have a center island added. Although, an island may limit how many people can work in the kitchen, lessen traffic flow to only 1 way without allowing anyone to pass, and could cramp the quarters. Before committing to an island, try it out 1st. You can put together a full-scale model of the island you want using plywood or cardboard so you can try it out for a couple of days. Check if you are able to open doors of your stove and refrigerator. If there is no space for an island, a kitchen trolley can be a good alternative.

Take the countertops into consideration

Those who cook often require additional counter space and this is ideally between the sink and the range compared to those who rarely cook or who prefer simpler meals. Combining 2 countertop heights make it easy for bakers and it is helpful to kids who like to join in the meal preparation. The countertop should also go with the style you want and make sure there is solid surfacing as they can be built and repaired in a way that the leftover food will not get stuck between the seams.

Stay away from maintenance nightmares

Natural surfaces that have inherent texture such as slate, brick, tumbled marble, and terra-cotta are harder to clean but can camouflage anything odd. Smooth surfaces that have a light color like ceramic floors or white laminate are simple to clean but everything is visible. As much as stainless steel is loved by many, it is not easy to take out any smudge from it.

The cabinets

You might have the impression that cabinets do not need a lot of thought, but actually they are another chance for you to add a personal touch to your kitchen and make cooking more efficient. For instance, you might prefer to get rid of cabinet doors because you want to see the serving pieces on the shelves and it allows you to see everything. This will also add style to your kitchen and an open cabinet can easily improve the spirit of your kitchen, making it more interesting and airy.

Choose basic appliances

Instead of buying a lot of gadgets and expensive appliances, you should choose to go for reliable basics. Like if you buy a stainless-steel range, it will add an interesting focal point that will consume less space compared to separate wall ovens plus a cooktop.

The range should be arranged

Having a shelf behind or beside the range is ideal because this is where you can keep cooking oils, handy spices, and utensils. Placing S hooks on beside the range hood where you can hang used pots and pans to make them more accessible when you get busy in the kitchen.

These are the kitchen renovation tips you can tell the home remodeling architects washington dc who will work for you.

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