Ice Cream Freezer Maintenance – Essential Tips

Ice Cream Freezer Maintenance – Essential Tips

Ice Cream Freezer Maintenance – Essential Tips

A tiny electric motor is installed that helps in driving the gear which turns the canister filled with ingredients for the ice cream. Ice cream freezer maintenance is an integral part once you have purchased such an appliance. Electronically operated ice-cream freezer is basically a type of tabletop appliance that helps in mixing as well as freezing the ice cream at the home. Rock salt and ice are used for freezing the content. Alternatively, motor is being replaced with a hand crank on top.

How scenarios can go wrong

Ice cream freezers tend to be highly durable. However, they could be requiring some kind of repair work. One of the most common problems will be damage to the motors or even gears, required to mix the cream. They often get jammed if not cleaned properly. Also, the electrical cord can fail while motor bearings could also dry out.

Identifying the problem with the appliance

In case the motor fails to work, ensure that the power is turned on. Check the power outlet and test the cord properly. If possible, then try to use lightweight machine oil for lubricating the dry motor bearings. Get the motor tested and then if possible, replace it with a new functional one. It could also happen that the ingredients are failing to get mixed properly.

If such is the scenario, the paddle might well be damaged. Inspect it and then get it replaced. It could also be that there is a requirement to replace damaged or worn gears. If there is a problem with paddle’s turning forces, it would definitely be the damaged gears that are causing the problem. Get freezer replaced immediately. At times, you would find the appliance making too much of a noise. This could also be due to damaged and worn out gears. Replacing them with new ones would fix the problem. In case the gear looks okay, you can also try to get the motor lubricated to figure out whether the problem is fixed or not.

Keep the appliance clean and sanitized

After every single use, it must be ensured that the ice cream freezer is properly cleaned. Once in a week, get the power unit disassembled for thorough and detailed cleaning. You need to carefully lubricate the motor shaft and gears and then wipe off the excess oil. This would ensure proper and smooth functionality of the appliance and would eliminate the chances of frequent ice cream freezer repair Alexandria.

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