Can I Use A Ceiling Fan With AC To Reduce Cooling Costs

Can I Use A Ceiling Fan With AC To Reduce Cooling Costs

Can I Use A Ceiling Fan With AC To Reduce Cooling Costs

During the summer season, homeowners tend to use a combination of air conditioners and ceiling fans. While some people think that ceiling fans are not helpful when the air conditioner is on, others assume the opposite. This begs the question, are ceiling fans really that useful when used with AC units? We have surveyed air conditioning repair services and HVAC experts to bring its answer. Let’s find out!

Do Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioning?

Contrary to what people believe, ceiling fans are not designed to cool the house. They simply keep the air circulating whether cool or hot. As a result, they are only designed to enhance the temperature of the room. With that being said, ceiling fans will not turn up the temperature during the winter seasons. This is why they are hardly used when it is freezing outside.

On the other hand, ceiling fans do serve a purpose during the summer seasons. Since cool air is already being produced by the AC, the fans help circulate the air, which brings down the temperature quickly. The blades are designed such that the air is moved downward to areas where we sleep, eat, and usually spend time.

The cool air circulated by the fan helps remove moisture and keeps the body cooler allowing you to carry on with your chores comfortably. As a result, you can set the temperature a bit higher, which offers the air conditioning unit a break and a reduction in power bills.

Do Ceiling Fans Help Heating Too?

During the winter season, you can use the ceiling fan with the heating system to increase the temperature. Although this technique is hardly used by anyone, it does help circulate warm air. To properly warm the room, you should first turn on the heating system and leave it running for a few minutes before turning on the ceiling fan. Once the ceiling fan is turned on, the temperature will increase, allowing your heating system to relieve some stress.

The warm air is drawn up by the fan blades, while the rotating motion pushes the air towards the edges of the room. And since warm air accumulates naturally at the room’s top, the fans help push it downwards to the areas and occupants that need it the most.

How To Set Ceiling Fans For Winter?

Ceiling fans are used in a slightly different manner depending on the season. If you happen to use the fan in the same direction during winters, it will create a windchill effect. Therefore, you have to adjust the direction of the ceiling fan as the weather shifts. Similarly, you cannot use the winter direction for the summer season. Typically, fans have a switch that allows changing the rotation direction.

Therefore, if the direction is correct, the ceiling fans will surely help your split or ducted HVAC system during the summer season. During the summer season, the fan blades should rotate counterclockwise and clockwise during winters.

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan?

Choosing a ceiling fan depends on your needs and preferences. As mentioned earlier, most homeowners hardly use fans during winter seasons, so regular ceiling fans will work. However, you need to consider the size, type, and height of your roof as well. Ceiling fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a general rule of thumb, the blades should be at least 18 inches away from the surrounding walls and not closer than 8 inches from the ceiling.

What About The Electricity Bills?

Using a ceiling fan with an air conditioner depends on your needs. If you have multiple occupants in the room, you will definitely need to use the ceiling fan. However, if you are alone, you might not need it. Although they are not heavy on power consumption but will be if multiple ceiling fans are turned on without any effectiveness in reach. Therefore, the only way they will be of any benefit is if you use them the right way at the right time.

Final Word

In the end, ceiling fans do help HVAC systems when it comes to cooling and heating, depending on the way they are used. Make sure that you choose the right type of ceiling fans and get them installed the right way from HVAC repair services Port Jefferson so that the air is circulated efficiently and effectively.

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