Brazilian Blowout VS Japanese Hair Strengthening – What’s the Better Option for You?

Brazilian Blowout VS Japanese Hair Strengthening – What’s the Better Option for You?

Brazilian Blowout VS Japanese Hair Strengthening – What’s the Better Option for You?

If you are battling unruly hair often in humid weather or have curly and dry strands, you might be a good candidate for Brazilian blowout or keratin or Japanese straightening treatments. Every hair treatment is designed to leave your hair straight, silky smooth to super straight depending on the treatment you have chosen. The Japanese straightening treatments use thermal energy as well as chemicals to make a blowout look while Brazilian Blowout and keratin utilizes natural proteins for reconditioning the hair.

Japanese Straightening Treatment – How It Works?

Japanese straightening treatments involve relaxing hair chemically with the use of calcium-based hydroxide solution or lye based solution. For you to maximize the results, you can’t wash your hair for about seventy-two hours after this treatment. Japanese hair straightening treatment changes the hair structure and may cause damage to the weak strands. Your stylist can determine if you’re a candidate after consultation.

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments – How It Works?

Brazilian Blowout and keratin hair straightening treatments are the method of straightening hair through sealing liquid keratin or perspective solution into the hair with titanium iron. Keratin solution should be left in the hair, yet Brazilian Blowout must be rinsed out. The hair should not be washed for at least three to four days and you cannot wash your hair with any kind of conditioner or shampoo. Once the treatment was set completely in your hair, it can be washed with sulfate-free and sodium-free conditioner and shampoo. Such special hair care products are available in different stores and may be bought in bigger sizes for an ongoing use after this kind of hair treatment. The hair will be blow dried and left to dry in a natural way and will be much shinier, softer, manageable, and smoother than before the treatment. You’ll also notice that your hair resists humidity and heat for a few weeks after the treatment and retains its body.

Both treatments provide several benefits for frazzled and curly strands, yet Japanese straightening treatment may cause damage to your scalp and hair once not applied properly. Japanese hair straightening treatments are permanent and made to straighten as well as relax the hair so you do not have to use flat iron often. If your hair is highlighted or color-treated, it will be fairly damaged. However, you can benefit from keratin treatment in salon Potomac as it doesn’t only strengthens one’s hair, but reconditions hair strands as well to be more resilient and much stronger.

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