Add life and luster to the hair with so.cap usa hair extension

Add life and luster to the hair with so.cap usa hair extension

Add life and luster to the hair with so.cap usa hair extension

If you are looking to add life and shine to your dull tresses, it would be best to choose so cap usa hair extension. Hair extension is the fabulous way to change the look of the hair, add a lot of bounce and volume without the use of chemicals. The high quality so.cap extension is comprised of 100% human hair and incorporates three distinct textures like curly, wavy and straight. The hair extension is offered in almost 100 different shades from brown, black and blonde to bright hues like pink, purple and blue. The extension which is so easy to apply will not damage the normal tresses. The extension come pre-bonded featuring 100% keratin tips. Keratin is fused with the hairs to create a sort of natural bond. To add shine and vitality to the hair, you can use so.cap extension. You can also look for adhesive hair extension which is much affordable way of enjoying glamorous tresses. Glue or tape is used to attach it to the base of the hair. In fact, glue is much better than tape as it can bond the extensions for few weeks.

Why is clip-in hair extension so much preferred?

Clip-in hair extension is affordable extension that needs the least maintenance. As the name suggests, clip-in extension can be placed or removed within minutes without causing any damage to the hair. The extension may add great volume, texture and color to the hair. Go for the color which is 2-3 shades darker than natural hair to add depth and highlights. Apart from the darker shade, you can also go for lighter shade. You can buy various kinds of clip-ins like the clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytail. You can have the extension in both synthetic and natural hair. Made up of natural hair, it will last longer and will be durable. You may dye it, wash it, curl or straighten it. If you maintain it properly, the hair will last for years.

The way to use clip-in hair extension

The clip-in hair extension is sold in grams and more the grams, the thicker it will be. To limit the damage to your natural hair, choose the clip-in extension. The extension may be put in minutes and is very easy to use. You just need a brush or comb, the crocodile clip. Start from the base and move towards the crown. Just hold the hair up and tease hairs onto the other side.

Clip in hair extensions Potomac may be done at home but it is better to check with your hair stylist. Both natural and synthetic hair can be used under clip-in extension.

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